Let’s Talk Filters

Today, I wanna talk about FILTERS.

We all loooooove filters, right?! Puppy faces, quizzes, and grainy presets make our stories so much more ~aesthetic~ and playful.

But have you ever seen someone else use a filter that you didn’t have? Here’s how you can save it so that you can use it yourself:

STEP 1: Tap the name of the filter you’re loving seeing people use in the top left corner…

STEP 2: You can either try it now, or save it to your filters!

STEP 3: Now it’s in your Story camera view to use whenever you want (just scroll to the ones on the LEFT)!!

THIS is how you build a library of fun, engaging filters to use in your Stories!!

Just a few benefits of using AR filters…

They give our Stories a more put-together look and feel, and allow you to build a brand aesthetic!
They make your stories MORE ENGAGING! People are more likely to interact with them, either to react, try the filter for themselves, or even DM you.

More engagement = more visibility, both for that set of Stories and your future Stories
They help make you more confident and excited on video, which is always a major PLUS!!

So the next time you see a fun filter on Stories, try it out for yourself!! And then use those filters to create more engaging Stories for your audience to interact with.

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