My Top Instagram Profile Tips

Here are my top IG profile tips:

1) Your Profile Picture

Choose an on-brand profile picture! This could be your logo, but remember that people love getting to know YOU, so don’t be afraid to use a photo.

2) Your Account Name

Choose the right name! Your “name” section doesn’t have to be your actual name – and most of the time it SHOULDN’T be. If you say what you do + who you serve in your name, not only is it more searchable, but it means the FIRST thing people see will be all about what you do and what to expect from your account!

3) Your Bio Description

Keep your bio SHORT and SWEET! Don’t overcomplicate it. Be clear about what you do and who you want around.

4) Your Call-to-Action

Have a clear CALL TO ACTION (CTA)!! Whatever you’re promoting at the moment – whether it’s a freebie, a mastermind, a product, or anything else – make sure it’s linked in your bio, tell people what’s there, and then actually TELL them to CLICK on the link!! Don’t have more than one CTA, and make sure the link goes STRAIGHT to whatever you’re promoting.

5) Your Highlights

Have beautiful, simple highlight covers! Your story highlights are SUPER important for new profile viewers, so covers should be ON-BRAND and SIMPLE – a plain icon on a single color background is great. Use Canva for tons of highlight cover templates.

Edit the Stories in your highlights, too! If you’ve been using highlights for a while, you may have a few that have accumulated WAY too many Stories within them, so go through and clean ‘em up. Make sure you’ve got a social proof highlight too full of fabulous testimonials or reviews, and definitely one about what you’re currently promoting!

Follow these tips for epic, on-brand, compelling bios that CONVERT profile viewers and help your audience grow!!

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