#93 – Why I’m Pressing Pause

I’m pressing pause on the podcast. This is going to allow me, as a business owner and leader, to take a step back and recalibrate, so that when I come back, I’m showing up at my absolute best. During this pause, there won’t be any new podcast content, but in my time “off”, I will be rethinking the podcast and creating my vision for it. I’ll also be working with my team in the back end of the business to help create organizational efficiency and get everything streamlined so that the business can make even more of an impact.

In this week’s episode of On Purpose, I talk with you about:

  • Why I’m pressing pause on the podcast
  • Why I feel like it’s time to take a step back from content creation
  • How to focus your creative energy so that it goes further
  • Why working on the backend of your business is critical to growing as a business owner

This is not “goodbye”, this is, “see you later”, so stay tuned for season 2. In the meantime, join me on the VIP list so that you can stay connected. And if you haven’t already, be sure to follow me on Instagram @alexbeadon

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1 thought on “#93 – Why I’m Pressing Pause”

  1. Hello there, I miss seeing your very helpful post on Instagram. Been subscribed to your podcast and noticed your podcast is also on hiatus.

    Wishing you could fortune and hoping everything is okay during this covid 19 dilemma.

    Positive energy from Southern California.

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