#088 – How To Build A Business With Zero Followers

In this week’s episode of On Purpose, I talk to Angie Lee, host of The Angie Lee show, creator of Soul CBD, and advocate of authentic marketing. In this episode, Angie dives into 10 things you can do to start your business, if you have zero followers. If you struggle with growing your following and attracting the right people, this episode is perfect for you!


  • How to increase the quality of your followers by narrowing your niche
  • How to test your business idea to see if it’s something people will pay for
  • What to put in your Instagram bio (and what you should avoid)
  • How to get your customers to sell for you
  • How to leverage your personal story into sales
  • How to use DM’s to drive engagement
  • What are macro and micro-brand stories, and why they’re crucial for your business
  • How to use the poll and question feature in Instagram to create valuable content
  • The true definition of a niche
  • What to do when someone is watching your Stories, but not engaging
  • Why video marketing is king



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