#086 – How to Create Massive Sales on the First Day of Your Launch

In Episode 86, I chat with Kat Gaskin, the creator of the Content Planner and the genius who helped me generate massive sales on the first day of my most recent launch. If you want to learn how to create massive momentum for your next launch, you have to check out this episode. It’s going to forever change how you launch.


  • Alex Beadon asked Kat Gaskin what is the most nourishing part of having her own business?
  • How long has Kat been working full-time for herself? 
  • Don’t forget to tell your own store and share it with your community. 
  • Alex Beadon explains the launch of Product Storyline. 
  • What is Kat Gaskin’s launch strategy and how did she come up with it? 
  • Kat ran a community content for members to vote on what color planner they want. 
  • Kat hired a Facebook marketing expert for her launch Facebook marketing numbers.
  • How does Kat Gaskin’s launch strategy work?  
  • Why should you segment your mailing list?
  • Know your audience and create a launch that works for them.
  • Reward your core audience for their dedication.   
  • The Content Planner has sold out every year that it has sold. 
  • Kat promoted The Content Planner nine months before she even opened the shopping cart to get any sales. 
  • What has Kat done to promote the planner and how to utilize it? 
  • How do Kat and Alex measure engagement on Instagram?
  • Reverse engineer the result that you want.   
  • Pay attention to how many mutual followers that you share in order to decide if you should work with someone. 


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