#082 – How to Intentionally Overcome Lazy Tendencies in Your Business with Jamie Varon

In our 82nd episode, we welcome Jamie Varon, Writer, Designer, and Creative Consultant living in Calabasas, California. If you have struggled with overcoming momentum issues, lazy tendencies, scheduling your time effectively, having a hard time getting things done, and feeling like you are undergoing a certain level of self-sabotage, then this is an episode that you need to hear. 


  • Jamie speaks about what nourishes her the most about having her own business.
  • She discusses her background and how she started out
  • The pros and cons of niching down and focusing on one skill vs being flexible and going where your talents take you.
  • The balance between creating products that fulfill you and that pay the bills.
  • Jamie shares pivotal habits and routines that have helped her become intentional with her business.
  • The system Jamie uses to have the motivation to sit down and prioritize her tasks.
  • How Jamie Varon defines self-love.
  • How Jamie was able to shift her mindset and prioritize self care.
  • The importance of taking the time to connect with yourself and not being afraid of your truth. 
  • A tip on how to make a daily routine stick.
  • The one thing that’s a non-negotiable in Jamie’s business.
  • An important mindset to always keep in mind.



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