#078 – How to Get Paid for Your Ideas with Tiago Forte

In our 78th episode, we welcome Tiago Forte, one of the world’s foremost experts on productivity, Founder at Forte Labs and Editor at Praxis. Tiago shares how he started Forte Labs, an online education company, creating courses on learning, productivity, and building a second brand using idea management. Tiago also explains how he goes about approaching market research, constantly creating content, and the importance of managing our ideas and building from them. 


  • Alex Beadon explains the background of Tiago Forte.
  • Tiago Forte discusses how he started Forte Labs. 
  • Tiago discusses where his inspiration comes from
  • Alex and Tiago talk about the levels of the Digital Productivity Pyramid 
  • The importance of Market Research and Tiago’s process of getting it done
  • How to get started even if you don’t have any following 
  • Is membership retention something to worry about?
  • Tiago’s perspective on being strategic
  • How to find out what your passion is



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