#075 – Why I don’t regret my drunk Instagram Story (recorded in the south of France)

Have you ever second-guessed a post you shared on Instagram? We all want to show up authentically on Instagram, but when does personal become too personal? Today’s episode I go in depth about a situation that got me wondering about what “the line” is.

People always ask me, “What’s appropriate to share and what’s not?” The answer is, it strongly depends on your brand. In my case, I have a personal brand where I am the name & face of my brand, so it’s important for me to build a real relationship with my followers. I don’t have to share anything about my personal live, but I do because it will bring me closer to my audience. 

Remember real relationships don’t come from only showing the “highlight reel”. Real relationships come from shared memories and experiences, vulnerability and TRUST.

In this week’s episode I share:  

  • why being with childhood friends reminded me of the shame I felt when graduating high school
  • what it’s really like working while traveling
  • the nitty gritty of what’s going on behind-the-scenes of the business, the new hire we just made (woohoo, welcome to the team Stacy)
  • how I’m prepping for the upcoming launch of Project Storyline! 

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