#070 – The Power of Marketing Funnels with Kate McKibbin

In our 70th episode, we welcome Kate McKibbin, an Award-Winning Marketing Expert, with a passion for helping women create, launch, and grow profitable marketing funnels. Kate shares how to be specific about the journey you want your ideal customers and clients to embark on and how to convert them into sales. Now is the time to learn from Kate’s experience and put your business on auto-pilot in order to benefit from automation. 


  • Why Kate loves the ability to manage her own time
  • The importance of an OBM and what that role actually entails
  • Talking about the word visionary and how it applies to Kate
  • Introduction to Kate’s work and business path
  • What a marketing funnel really is
  • What type of businesses could profit from marketing funnels 
  • How sales funnels can assist your business
  • The easiest way to start building a marketing funnel
  • The logistics of an evergreen webinar offer 
  • Kate’s current focus and why she’s passionate about it
  • How to handle confidence as an entrepreneur 

Get to know Kate:


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