#068 – How to Listen to Your Intuition with Lindsay Marino

In today’s episode, we welcome Lindsay Marino, Psychic Medium, Intuitive Expert, Radio Host of Intuitive Guidance with Lindsay Marino, and Speaker. Lindsay Marino shares her personal journey of growing from being a 3rd grade teacher, to evolving into being an intuitive medium and initially connecting with her deceased friend Nick. Hear how Lindsay got grounded in strong belief when doubt was thrown her way, the incredible joys of being authentically herself, and how she has grown her business. 

Show Notes:

  • How Alex and Lindsay met 
  • What the most nourishing part of Lindsay running her own business is
  • Lindsay talks about her backstory
  • When Lindsay realized it was the right time to transition from being a teacher to a medium
  • How Lindsay made her entire teaching income in one month as a psychic medium
  • How Lindsay quiet the doubt that came her way when beginning her business
  • Lindsay shares advice on how to ground yourself in your beliefs
  • The real deal about ‘fake it till you make it’
  • How people should always be themselves while doing business
  • The importance of detaching yourself from the outcome and embracing the joy in what you are creating and sharing
  • The things that have worked best for Lindsay when it comes to marketing
  • Lindsay’s tip to overcoming stagnant energy

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