#066 – Success Mindset w/ NYT Best-Selling Illustrator Holly Hatam

Today, we welcome Holly Hatam, New-York Times Best-Selling Illustrator, Greeting Card Designer, Picture Book Maker, Author, and Designer. Holly discusses her dedicated path from going from graphic design to her core-love of illustration. Hear how Holly has maintained her belief in herself while overcoming stumbling blocks and transitioning into having her life changed by getting her current agent and becoming a successful children’s book author. Gain insight from how Holly navigates her family life as a mother and a wife while staying inspired as an authentic creative.

Show Notes:

  • The most nourishing part of Holly Hatam running her own business
  • Holly’s backstory in design
  • How Holly found her current agent
  • Alex shares a personal low point in her life that built her strength
  • How taking responsibility for her vibe benefited Holly’s life
  • What practices and routines Holly uses for her energetic hygiene
  • The challenges of being a mom and an entrepreneur
  • How Holly balances busy seasons and family time
  • Why time is crucial while developing your style and polishing your true skills
  • Holly’s relationship with social media
  • Where Holly gets most of her business from
  • What books Holly has written

3 Key Points:

  1.     Think about what you love and listen to your heart.
  2.     Holly’s mantra is ‘I decide my vibe.’
  3.     Everyday Holly reminds herself that ‘Something amazing is going to happen today.’

Check out Holly: 


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