#60 – How to go from Part-Time to Full-Time Entrepreneurship with Amanda Daley

In this episode, Alex Beadon interviews Amanda Jane Daley, a Business Mentor for Health Coaches and Wellness Entrepreneurs. They talk about how her business has grown enormously over the course of the last five years, about the trajectory of her career and the hurdles she overcame to reach success in entrepreneurship. They discuss the value of purpose, maintaining business focus, and some of the things Daley learned from an intimate conversation with Richard Branson in South Africa.

Show Notes:

  • How to weave together inner work, health work, and business work
  • What a sustainable way of running a business looks like 
  • The experience of leaping out of the corporate world vs building an independent business on the side
  • The role of Mastermind in Daley’s career
  • The value of wealth consciousness and money mindset work
  • The connections between identity and wealth
  • Daley’s conversation with Richard Branson in South Africa
  • The importance of showing up with purpose

3 Key Points:

  1. Changing her mindset towards wealth, business, and her own identity was important to the success of Daley’s business.
  2. Growing an entrepreneurial business on the side of a corporate one can eliminate some unnecessary stress.
  3. Understanding the importance of the purpose of health coaching was essential to Daley’s career success, because it allowed her the confidence of working for others.

Get to Know Amanda: 

Resources Mentioned:

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