#058 – How to Organize Your Freelance Business with Nesha Woolery

In this episode, Alex Beadon speaks with Nesha Woolery. Nesha went from being a stressed-out freelance designer who worked fifty hours a week, to working three days a week, having consistent five figure months and finally having the time and money to travel the world. Now, she has taught thousands of other freelance web and graphic designers how to stress less, work less and profit more through her courses, videos and Facebook community. If you’re ready to ditch the nightmare clients and 15-hour work days, Nesha is the woman to help you.

Show Notes:

  • Importance of using project management tools and business templates
  • Why you should use short tutorial videos and clearly document project processes
  • Setting boundaries and expectations up front
  • How a client welcome packet was a game-changer
  • Acting professionally instead of with emotion
  • The pros and cons of raising prices
  • A tip for setting priorities
  • Defining your own version of success

Resources Mentioned:

Connect with Nesha:
Facebook Community
Free Course
Learn with Nesha

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