#052 – How to Find Your Voice with Ash Ambirge

In this episode, Alex interviews Ash Ambirge, an expert in copywriting, marketing, and sales, writer, and online course enthusiast. Thanks to some combination of defiance, bullheadedness, and some truly weird circumstances, she set out to become a writer, and quickly went from a small town girl who was the queen of late cell phone bills and existential crisis, to being her own boss and running a seven-figure empire, with a book coming out soon with Penguin Random House!

Show Notes:

  • How Ash “did everything right” and then ended up in a bad situation
  • How the name of her business causes her some problems
  • How developing business owners and writers can find their voice
  • How to sell using sales calls
  • How Ash manages time and spends three hours writing her book every morning
  • Two mindset shifts that made a difference as an entrepreneur

3 Key Points:

  1. Trust yourself and don’t be afraid to disobey the common rules.
  2. Put your opinion out there, but make sure that it’s thoughtful and truthful.
  3. Let pleasure be your guide when writing or starting your business.


Ash Ambirge: 

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2 thoughts on “#052 – How to Find Your Voice with Ash Ambirge”

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  2. Ha! I listened while eating breakfast, then picking up my room/putting away laundry… Needed to clear to some space with some inspiration to get started for the week! I loved all of this episode, but I particularly took away the tips to have a sales call/conversation–being direct about your ideas rather than letting others tell you what they need/want from you (when those things may not be what you’re aiming to help with–been there so much #peoplepleaserinrecovery). 
    Thank you for interviewing one of my fave online human beings, Alex! 

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