#047 – How to Feel Rich with Susan Hyatt

What could we do if we could redirect all the energy we invest in managing our insecurities out into the world? Susan Hyatt, veteran life coach and author of Bare, joins us to describe her entry into life coaching and the tools she uses in her work. We talk about how to show up conviction even when you’re surrounded by naysayers, how to reach clients when it seems like nothing is working, and how to be yourself online in a full throttle way.

Show Notes:

  • How owning one’s own business allows greater self-care
  • Martha Beck’s ‘Finding Your Own North Star’ helped Susan and induced a career change
  • Susan made a transition plan and moved into her new career very quickly
  • How life coaching’s reputation has changed over the last 12 years
  • Overcoming impostor syndrome in the early stages of an entrepreneurship
  • Conviction in a vision of a future self
  • How to get out of the stage of being stuck feeling like nothing is working, and not getting clients
  • How social media allowed Susan to diversify her image from that of the typical life coach
  • The inevitability of haters
  • How Susan embraced the idea of openness about the life of the life coach
  • Different approaches to social media
  • How Susan approaches the idea of body positivity
  • How Bare is about embracing the skin you’re in and shedding emotional weight, as well as potentially physical weight
  • The power of refocusing energy and effort
  • Certain cheaper purchases that can make a person feel rich
  • The importance of sustainable consistent business hours
  • Challenge: Go make an offer in business

3 Key Points:

  1.  Self-care and entrepreneurship can be intimately linked.
  2. Developing a vision of a future self can be key to the confidence of a new entrepreneur.
  3. Body positivity can redirect a lot of negatively focused energy surrounding self-image outwards towards productive projects.

Resources Mentioned:

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