#032: Alex Wolf, The Creator of Boss Babe, On How To Creatively Express Yourself Online

During the 32nd episode of On Purpose, host Alex Beadon, sits down with Alex Wolf, the original founder of Boss Babe, to discuss what it takes to become a marketing prowess and social media success. The two discuss the direction of direct consumer marketing and how people can form a brand that makes a difference.

Show Notes:

  • Introduction of Alex Wolf, Original founder of Boss Babe
  • Alex is her own boss and it leaves her with a wealth of time and control
  • The power of organic growth in the marketing scene
  • Social media followers don’t equal a paying business
  • The smoke and mirror effect of the internet can be difficult to overcome
  • Why molding your own definition of success is important in finding personal happiness
  • The best thing the business gave Alex was a network
  • Perception plays a huge role in what is happening
  • Alex has noticed that artists with a polished marketing finish are making the money in the industry
  • Direct to consumer marketing is a more powerful form of marketing
  • When you sell business to business, it becomes a race of perception not money
  • Going direct to consumer you have to find a way to make it work for you
  • When you understand branding, you sell without selling
  • Branding is about perception
  • Personal brands are just personality
  • Sharing your personality authentically wins the marketing game
  • Building a personal brand and beating a social media algorithm are two different things
  • A good brand is one where you can remove the logo and people still know what you are selling
  • Finding your online brand and personality involves playing and self-compassion
  • Loving yourself is an important step in showing your true self online
  • We are concerned about what is going to get likes rather than showing our true selves
  • Alex considers herself as an intellectual. She is more interested in putting her ideas out there rather than her art.
  • Alex’s focus right now is speaking and promoting her book
  • She just finished filming a documentary
  • How ads are affecting consumers online reading ability
  • Chronic social media and cell phone addiction
  • We need to learn how to use these technological tools in a new way
  • What metrics accurately measure social media marketing success?
    • A ¨Like¨ is minimal effort
    • A comment and shares take more effort. These are the most golden metrics
  • When you are seeking a metric like followers, it is important to be aware of your manipulation of that metric
  • For Alex, it is about showing up regardless of what the number says
  • It is about effort
  • Social media makes it seem like relationships don’t matter, but you still have to build trust.
  • Alex has reverted back to twitter due to its focus on snarky culture commentary rather than the focus of instagram
  • If the average person doesn’t have a descent attention span, what gets lost?
  • Mindset: Nothing external will make you happy
  • Advice: Be mindful while with the elements like in a shower or lighting a candle: fire, water

Three Key Points

  1. Social media is a powerful tool when it comes to creating your brand and marketing your business, but followers aren’t a paycheck.
  2. Online marketing through social media isn’t much more than finding your personal brand, sharing authentically, and building trust with your followers.
  3. The massive increase of ads in the online space could be affecting us negatively. Alex Wolf unpacks this topic in her documentary.


  • “Nothing external will make you happy.” –Alex Wolf.
  • “Learn to adapt and take the world [and social media] seriously.” – Alex Wolf.
  • “The social media portion of the internet has only been this public in society for four years.” – Alex Wolf.

Resources Mentioned:

Check out Alex:

IG: @alexwolf
Twitter: @alexwolfco
Website: https://alexwolf.co/

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