#030 – How Ashley Strommen Used Lyme Disease as a Catalyst to Start Her E-Commerce Business

In this episode, I speak to Ashley Strommen, co-founder of Sutra, a company that creates superfood lattes. While fighting for her life, she received her Nutritionist certification and began experimenting with natural healing techniques including using superfoods. That’s when she decided to create SUTRA’s beautiful Turmeric Latte and Cacao latte, and created a business to help people nourish their body. What I find so interesting about Ashley is that she turned her life’s greatest struggle into her life’s work and she’s a beautiful example of never giving up.

She shares her battle with Lyme Disease, her biggest challenges with her e-commerce business, why influencer marketing didn’t work for her company, and the marketing strategies that are working for her today.

This is On Purpose.

5 Things You’ll Learn:

  • Why nurturing your personal brand is just as important as nurturing your business brand
  • Lessons about starting your own e-commerce businesses
  • Why nothing should ever stop you from going after your dreams
  • The importance of morning routines and how long they should take you
  • Why paying attention to your body and wellness helps your business
  • & so much more


Check out Ashley:
Website: https://www.sipsutra.com/
IG: @sipsutra
IG: @ashleystrommen 

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