#027: How I Booked 2 Coaching Clients This Week & Created Momentum In My Launch

Alex gears up for a big win!
In this episode you’ll hear Alex bring you behind-the-scenes of one of the most important months of her year. As she gears up for the second launch of Gram Slam, she runs you through how she booked 2 coaching clients this week, and what she’s been doing to build momentum for her upcoming launch of Gram Slam! If you ever wonder what’s *really* going on for an online marketer right before a major launch, this is the episode for you!
This is On Purpose. 
5 Things You’ll Learn In This Episode: 
– My process for booking coaching clients
– Why you shouldn’t feel deflated if an ideal client doesn’t book you
– The one thing to keep at the front of your mind when launching
– How this is Alex’s most prepared-for launch
– What Alex has let slip since being in launch mode


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