#025 – Launching Your Product/Service like a Boss with Alex Beadon

Ready. Set. Launch a Successful Product.

If only it were that easy. Alex breaks down every little detail you need to know about getting your product or service off the ground and in the hands of your ideal audience. In a knowledge-filled episode like this, you’re going to want to jot down notes as she covers how she launches her services to her favorite treasure finds for the week.    

This is On Purpose.

In this Podcast, you’ll learn:

  • How to successfully launch your product or service
  • A major realization you must know about Direct Messages
  • Setting boundaries for your business
  • Alex’s favorite finds for the week
  • & Her thoughts on the Ford/Kavanaugh hearing

Follow her launch:

IG: @alexbeadon
Facebook: Alex Beadon
Website: www.alexbeadon.com

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2 thoughts on “#025 – Launching Your Product/Service like a Boss with Alex Beadon”

  1. Awesome Episode once again, I’ve joined the 5-day Instagram story challenge program and I got the confirmation e-mail too. But when I requested for Facebook community and its still pending. Can you look into that please, And On purpose was great as usual. Till next time byeeeeee.

    1. Hi Rubesh – so glad that you’ve joined our challenge! We aren’t accepting anyone into the Facebook group until October 7 (the day before the challenge). Hope you enjoy it! We’re very excited for it.

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