How to use the #1 app to edit your Instagram photos

Here’s the truth: I get asked about which apps I use *all the time*. And not just in a professional setting – in a social setting, too. It’s hard for me to go anywhere without someone asking me how I do a certain thing they’ve seen me do on Instagram.

I decided to write this blog post to share the ONE app I believe everyone should have, *and* I’m gonna break down the ways I recommend you use it.

Because life is easier when you do most of your editing in ONE app.

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The App: InShot

It’s free to download in the app store, but there are a few in-app upgrades that are available for you. They won’t cost more than a few dollars, and I think they’re worth it, so if anything in this tutorial isn’t available, keep in mind that might be why.


How to: First steps

When you open the InShot app, you’ll see the choice to create a video, photo or collage. Choose accordingly, but take note that it is possible to make a video with a still image, which can be really cool (the image will be still, but the effects will be moving). In this tutorial, I’ll be choosing video, but all of the tools in video and image are virtually the same.

How to: Change the width & height of the image or video for Stories vs. the feed

Having the ability to change the width & height of an image to make sure it perfectly fits as an Instagram Story (9:16) or as a part of your Instagram Feed (1:1) is incredibly convenient.

How to: Add a border around your image

Because guess what? Creating a border around your image or video is a quick & easy way to stand out from the crowd *immediately*. Once you’re done creating the border above, you can move on to changing the background color of the border below:

How to: Change your background color

There are soooo many options with this! So be sure to experiment & have fun.


How to: Do basic color editing

Yup, you can even do basic color editing from the InShot app. Tap the filter option (as shown above) and then you can scroll through the adjust options to see what’s possible!

How to: Add filters to your photos

And if you’re too lazy for basic color edits, why not just use some of their pre-made filters? They are way easier to scroll through, *and* they even give you the option to change the strength!


How to: Add a simple effect that looks *really* cool

I couldn’t keep this from you – it’s one of my FAVORITE editing tips that makes such a cool effect on my stories. It’s called “CONVEX” and it warps the edges of your image! It’s super subtle, but adds an X factor that I think is really cool:


How to: Create a VHS-inspired video of a picture

Cuz a VHS filter is sooooo 90’s, and I love it.



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