#023 How Will Your 80-Year-Old Self Define Success?

Whoa. Did Alex just go too far?

Being in a particularly thought-provoking mood, Alex questions everything from the intention behind our lives to happiness and how money affects it. In this episode, join her as she uncovers a slew of questions we subconsciously ask ourselves as well as bringing to light some thoughts to answer them.

This is On Purpose.

In this Podcast you’ll learn:

  • How death can bring deeper meaning to life
  • The rewards of investing in yourself
  • How to work less and earn more
  • About creating positive impact in the world
  • How to make social media work for you, not against you

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2 thoughts on “#023 How Will Your 80-Year-Old Self Define Success?”

  1. Alex, I am 70 years old (which was one reason your title engaged me) and I am on a quest to fulfill my ordained purpose, especially in light of those things that I have cast off  over the years as insignificant. This podcast was very encouraging and reassuring to me as a validation, to other teachings I have recently committed myself to, as a reentry point of rededicating myself to bring my “LOST LIFE purposes back into existence, and into the arena of value for others in the fulfillment of their life purposes.
    Alex, I very much appreciated your transparency and your wisdom. I pray you will see great benefit of it in days to come, in and through the lives of those who follow your training. I believe i will become one of them, as well. God Bless You Greatly.

  2. I just wanted to say I love your podcast, and this is one of my favorite episodes so far! I know most people think death is a morbid topic, but I honestly LOVE to think about it every single day. I feel like it really puts things into perspective, encouraging me to really love harder & work harder for my dreams, since we never know which breath will be our last. Such a great topic and I really just loved hearing your deeper thoughts! ♥

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