#021 – Big News, Perfectionism, Facebook Ads, Marketing Funnels & The Contrast Between Online vs. Real Life

Attention. The Beadon has landed.

For the first time in weeks, Alex is back in her groove at home, settling in and doing what she does best. Join the conversation as she shares the unfiltered truth of her well-being, the marketing strategies that worked and didn’t work for her and some of her targeted goals for the upcoming month.

In this Podcast, you’ll hear Alex:

  • BIG NEWS of a new offering Alex has made available
    (and how you can apply)
  • How Alex & Laura are managing Facebook Ads and their Marketing Funnel for Gram Slam
  • The common misconception of people who have online brands
  • Share how self-conscious she feels in certain aspects of her online content

This is On Purpose.

Freebie (How To Edit Your Instagram Stories
Join Gram Slam Course
Email Manager: Ontraport
Jessie J’s Interview
Beyoncé Movie
Episode 1 of Rapture

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Website: www.alexbeadon.com

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