#016 – Life As An Artist Vs. Entrepreneur, Tips To Boost Demand, Content Creation Insights, and Creating a Business Built on Faith with Promise Tangeman

How close are you to your gut? Best friends or acquaintances?

Meet Promise Tangeman, graphic designer, website builder and best friend to her intuition. And it really shows.

Like most creatives, Promise entered work life after graduating with a double major in Design and Fine Arts. But unlike most, she stayed attuned to her gut and ventured into the big bad world of entrepreneurship and has never looked back since.

“There’s a lot of creative thinking involved with growing a business.”

Tap into Promise’s story, how she carved out her own path using a creative mindset, staying true to her strengths and acknowledging her weaknesses and staying ahead of this crazy little thing we call the era of Social Media.

“If you’re going to make money doing what you love, you have to bring in the right people.”

This is On Purpose.

In this Podcast you’ll learn:

  • The key to thriving in the era of social media
  • Why your business is bigger than you
  • The creative approach to entrepreneurship
  • How to never run out of content to post
  • Why you should take a designer vacation

Tune in with Promise:
IG: @promisetangeman
Website: www.promisetangeman.com

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