#015 – From Italy With Love: How I Curate my Instagram Feed, Balancing Work with Travel and How Thoughts Create Reality

All that goes up eventually must come down.

Alex reflects on the excitement in her life over the last few weeks from another new location: Italy. Sounds like so much fun, but it hasn’t been all rainbows and butterflies.

Catch up with your favorite blonde as she meticulously covers her hectic travel schedules, the toll it’s been taking on her, how she’s been able to stay positive and motivated plus more.

This is On Purpose.

In this Podcast you’ll learn:

  • The joys and pains of taking your biz on the road
  • The benefits & drawbacks of posting on IG more than once a day
  • How Alex maintains a color theme on her Instagram profile
  • How Alex overcame the fear of using the Instagram feed as a highlight reel
  • Dealing with life’s curveballs
  • The power of turning ideas into reality

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