#012 – Becoming a Business Bada$$, the Health of your Wealth & How to say YES when others say NO with Gala Darling [EXPLICIT]

Yes, unicorns exist. And yes, they do make you happy.

Ask Gala Darling, the author of the “Unicorn Cleanse”, a #1 Mover & Shaker on Amazon.com. Her mission is to empower women to become the badass version of themselves. An avid speaker, coach and writer, Gala is determined to set you free and shares with us her own personal experiences of becoming independent.

Hint: It isn’t always filled with rainbows and butterflies.

Get acquainted with Gala as she discusses her trials and tribulations, what makes her tick and why she thinks entrepreneurs have unlimited potential.

“Manifesting is not about calling in what you want, it’s about attracting what you are.”

In this Podcast you’ll learn:

  • The rewards of finding the right audience
  • Overcoming rejection and dealing with hurdles
  • How lifestyles can make or break your business
  • The benefits of “me time”
  • The truth behind money and freedom

Become a Darling:
IG: @galadarling
Website: www.galadarling.com

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