#007 – The 3 Golden Marketing Tips You Must Follow, Dealing With Setbacks in your Business, and How I Felt Threatened This Week.

Entrepreneurship is like Jenga. One miscalculation can cause a serious tumble. Entrepreneurship is also not like Jenga. Because you definitely have more than one way to solve the problems that face you.

“Many times, you are going to get a sour spoonful of medicine and you’re not going to like it and your ego is going to act up. But it’s just a reminder that the ego does not know what it’s talking about.”

Join the rollercoaster journey, that is Alex’s business, this week for a fly-on-the-wall perspective of how she kept her emotions and ego from going off course amidst some surprising and concerning news; how she discovered some insanely useful marketing tips in the process and how she keeps her cool even in the most challenging of circumstances.   

In this Podcast you’ll learn:

  • 3 Golden Marketing Tips
  • Getting your Audience to Remember You
  • Dealing with Competitors in your Industry
  • Being Thankful for your Circle of Support

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