#002 – Shannon Boodram on Growing Her YouTube Channel, Being A Sexologist and more …

Let’s face it. You know it, I know it: sex sells. But improving people’s sex lives is ten times more fulfilling—at least that’s what we know about our next guest.

Let’s get close with Shannon Boodram, a “Martha Stewart for Intimacy” whose YouTube videos have earned her millions of views, and a loyal following well over 350k on YouTube.

But it didn’t just happen overnight…

“Momentum is not doing one thing great and then everything is good…for most people momentum is like—you have to get really close to see it. It’s happening at a microscopic level. It’s slow but it is happening.”

Learn what makes her tick, finding true love within yourself and your business, and the nitty gritty truth behind getting your life on purpose.

In this Podcast you’ll learn:

  • How Shannon gained 100,000 YouTube subscribers in six months
  • How she dealt with the shame of having low numbers when she first started on YouTube
  • How Shannon discovered her life’s true passion of intimacy
  • How she overcame the industry shaming her for being a sexologist
  • Why she shies away from the word entrepreneur
  • What self care means to Shannon
  • And lots more
Binge on dat Boody!

IG: @Shanboody
YouTube: Shan Boody
Facebook: Shan Boody
Twitter: @ShanBoody

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4 thoughts on “#002 – Shannon Boodram on Growing Her YouTube Channel, Being A Sexologist and more …”

  1. Bertha Marcano

    A very interesting podcast. This podcast is informative. Shannon’s experience on the topics discussed, is presented in a very clear manner, and engaging. I enjoyed this podcast.

    1. Awesome!! Thanks for this feedback Bertha. I am really happy you got some value from this interview ? Big love! xoxo

  2. Rosalind Parkinson

    Loved this podcast!! I felt like I was there, so comfortable and relaxed in the moment with you. Very informative and great investment for self care and wellbeing.

    1. Thanks so much Rosalind! Your feedback is so important to me and I am really glad that you are enjoying *On Purpose* so far ?

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