A marketing lesson from Justin Bieber


I’m not gonna lie … the first time I heard the song, “Love Yourself”, by Justin Bieber, I rolled my eyes in disdain. I couldn’t quite place my finger on it, but I just *did not* like the song. The funny part is that today, I think it’s pretty great. I actually enjoy listening to it, I choose to play it, and I know almost all the lyrics (my momma don’t like you, and she likes everyone).

It got me thinking about converting a potential customer, into an actual customer … and how very similar it is to Bieber converting me from someone who *didn’t* like the song, into someone who did like the song.

In marketing, they say that it takes a potential customer at least seven times of being exposed to your marketing message before they actually decide to take action and buy from you. SEVEN TIMES. (It’s called the rule of seven)

One of the most common qualities I see with my clients is a fear of promoting themselves. They don’t want to come across as too pushy, too salesy, or too spammy. Which I totally get, but here’s the thing:

Your potential clients need to be exposed to your marketing message multiple times for it to have any impact. You mentioning it once will not do the trick.

I understand that you don’t want to be salesy or pushy or spammy, but finding a way to incorporate it into your content marketing plan in a NATURAL and AUTHENTIC way is going to do you (and your business) a world of good.

I’m thinking of doing a video on this topic and adding it to The Spark Lounge next week. Watch this space. (See what I did there? ;))

I’m off to practice my dance moves.


5 thoughts on “A marketing lesson from Justin Bieber”

  1. Alex!
    Loved opening this one because I so needed to hear it. I especially love how flawlessly you promote yourself and your services (particularly the Spark Lounge).. PURE BRILLIANCE! Thanks for continuing to inspire.~xo


  2. Alex Noooooooo!
    Haha! Seriously though, you’re one of the few people I would ever voluntarily watch a Justin Bieber video for. Fine, I’ll admit I didn’t absolutely hate it after watching it; who knows, I might like it if I heard it another six times. I feel like this about Taylor Swift–after hearing her songs in random places I now love her and listen to Shake It Off when I need a pick-me-up.
    I’ve been slacking horribly in marketing after changing my target market. Thank you THANK YOU for the reminder that it’s not only okay but wonderfully, absolutely necessary to self-promote.
    xo Ximena

  3. Alex.. I really realyyy need your help right now..:(
    I’m trying to make a blog from past 4-5 days.. but after title when it asks for URL.. what am I supposed to enter when this is my veryy first post…
    Please pleassse help.. Thank U.. 🙂

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