Have a straight-up love affair with your wildest dream.



I want you to have a straight-up love affair with your wildest dream.

I want you to know that just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

I want you to spend every spare second fantasizing about exactly what you want.

I want you to put your imagination to use and pretend like it’s already happened, like it’s already yours.

I want you to look yourself in the mirror, and say it out loud in the present tense, as though it is your current reality.

I want you to imagine the impact that it coming true will have, not only on you and your life, but on the lives of others.

It may not currently exist in a place where you can see it and touch it, but anything ever accomplished or created by man first began in thought. Without the thought, the creation itself never would have existed. So if you ask me, the thought is just as real, and just as important, as the creation itself.

Spend some time in deep thought today, and commit yourself to a love affair with your wildest dreams.

Love always,

4 thoughts on “Have a straight-up love affair with your wildest dream.”

  1. Ahh this post is beautiful. I relate to this so much. I do the mirror exercise you mentioned. Looking at myself and affirming my reality as I want it to be, as if though it is here already is so powerful! Our minds don’t know the difference between what is real and what is imagination! Thank you for the reminder, Alex! Big Hugs! xx

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