Emails I love.


There’s one thing you must know about me that I’m highly embarrassed to admit … I love email marketing. 

Call me crazy, but few things excite me more than seeing a company who’s doing email marketing right.

Because let’s be honest … if you’re a business and you’re *not* using email marketing, your bottom line is missing out.

And if you are using email marketing, you better be investing time into doing it right. And getting it right is HARD.

If we’re talking about a sales email, the business has to ask for the sale in a way that feels GOOD to the customer, that’s brand building, that doesn’t feel too spammy in nature, and that doesn’t inspire the reader to hit the “unsubscribe” button.

To me, email marketing is an artwork, so today I thought I’d share an example of an email I really enjoyed receiving from NastyGal ( a clothing, shoes and accessories retailer).





1) The subject line speaks my language.

“TREAT YO’ SELF” … I love the language here. It’s so colloquial and speaks to its readers the way they speak to each other. This positions Nasty Gal as “one of us”, a company we can like and trust. And the best part is that they carry this voice strongly throughout all of their communications. Brilliantly done.

2) The header caught my attention and made me laugh.

“Do you think I’m sexy? C’mon baby! I noticed you checking me out. If you really need me just reach out and add me.” ………. Uhhh … this is pretty freakin’ hilarious. They knew I was viewing this dress earlier in the day, and were able to recommend I go through with the purchase WITHOUT coming across too strong. Their sales pitch was well-received because it was disguised in humor and wit. I dig it.


3) It was RELEVANT to me.

They showed me the exact dress I had been viewing on their website earlier in the day. Sometimes this can come across a bit freaky, as though a company is stalking you. But this email felt like a good friend simply reminding me that I may have forgotten something. Nicely done.

4) It had *some* CLEAR call to actions.

Two “shop now” buttons are all they needed. They didn’t DROWN me in choice. They showed me two dresses they knew I had an interest in, and gave me two simple links to encourage me to keep shopping. Best of all – they weren’t afraid to ask for the sale.

5) It gave me THREE places to go if I had questions.

Not one, not two, but THREE. And BOY does that make me feel good. Because some people prefer live chat (that’s me), some people prefer email, and some people prefer hearing a human on the phone. These three options make me feel like they really care about making sure I’m comfortable throughout this entire process, and that makes me feel taken care of. 


6) It invited me to take our relationship to the next level on social.

Because social matters. And they get that. They want to be a part of the conversation, and a part of your news feed, and they’re making it easy on you to make that happen. Winners.



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  1. Do you have an email list?
  2. How many times do you send an email out to your email list?
  3. Did you like this blog post?
  4. What was your biggest lesson from this post?
  5. Did this blog post change you or make you see anything differently?



12 thoughts on “Emails I love.”

  1. Hi Alex!

    I do have an email list that I write to every Sunday! I love how you dissected what you loved about this particular email. I do this myself overtime I receive a well designed or written email that I connect with and I even save them to refer back to!

    1. Hey Monica!

      LOVE that you have an email list already, and LOVE that you do the same type of critiquing! YES I do the same thing – I have a collection of emails I LOVE! Hence the new “emails I love” segment haha! 🙂 Thanks for the comment and I hope you have a killer day!


  2. I love Victoria’s Secret emails for this same reason! They’re pure eye candy–once I got one that was a gif of their sports bras. I wasn’t a huge fan of them at first but seeing the prints in different emails won me over; I bought one for my birthday!
    Nasty Gal is so interesting to me–I read that it started as an EBay store! Can you imagine? They focused on building a really strong niche following and really getting who their customers were until they made it. Or rather, they still do. I noticed their branding on Instagram is really great after you posted a picture with a gorgeous Nasty Gal bathing suit (if you haven’t seen it copy and paste this into your browser–and follow @alexbeadon if you haven’t: ).
    Ximena (he-men-a)

    1. Hey Ximena!

      Ooh I’ll have to sign up for Victoria’s Secret emails now, thanks for the suggestion 🙂 And YES NASTY GAL IS THE BOMB. If you haven’t already, definitely read the book “#GirlBoss”. It’s by the creator of NastyGal and I adore her and her business style!

      Rock on

  3. I am working on an email list this week! My launch date for the first newsletter is December 1st! I am looking to email out bi-weekly to start.
    I listen to Sophia Amoruso’s new #girlboss radio podcast and LOVE it. I have yet to check out NastyGal’s actual stuff, but those dresses are totally convincing me to check them out ASAP!
    I think from now on I will start keeping a swipe folder of emails I love! I saw someone mention it before, but totally agree, Victoria Secret does pretty good… always so enticing!

  4. 1. yes
    2. 1x week I send my “Marketing Monday” newsletter with tips
    3. yes
    I agree, I’m an email marketing snob if I don’t like it I throw it in a fold titled “ewwey email” to show people how NOT to market, lol! But after this post I realize I should have a folder for awesome emails which are FEW and far between!

  5. 1.Do you have an email list?

    2.How many times do you send an email out to your email list?

    once a year

    3.Did you like this blog post?

    4.What was your biggest lesson from this post?

    make it relevant to them
    5.Did this blog post change you or make you see anything differently?

    yes make it easy and know what they have enquired with you before about so you can offer that to them again, and it did not mean me having to give a discount

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