Are you living a life of passion?


There’s this question I love to ask people: if you could describe yourself in three words, which three words would they be? 

I know, I know – it’s an intense question. And also nearly impossible to answer. I mean, can anyone really describe themselves in only three words? Talk about limitations!

But … I’ve gotta say, it’s always so interesting to hear which words people choose for themselves.

My three words have always been … passionate, creative, and inspiring.

So when I stumbled upon this article called “Lady Gaga and the Life of Passion” I was intrigued. Even more so, was that within this article, I found descriptions of myself, “the passionate person”.

passion person


Since so many of you reading this blog are passion-based people, too, I thought I’d share with you my favorite parts:

“I suppose that I didn’t know what I would become, but I always wanted to be extremely brave and I wanted to be a constant reminder to the universe of what passion looks like. What it sounds like. What it feels like.” 

– Lady Gaga 

“People with passion have the courage to be themselves with abandon. We all care what others think about us. People with passion are just less willing to be ruled by the tyranny of public opinion.”
– David Brooks

“Passionate people often discover themselves through play.”
– David Brooks

“As the saying goes, they somehow get on the other side of fear. They get beyond that fog that is scary to approach. Once through it they have more freedom to navigate. They opt out of things that are repetitive, routine and deadening. There’s even sometimes a certain recklessness there, a willingness to throw their imperfect selves out into public view while not really thinking beforehand how people might react.”
– David Brooks 

And so, today I am incredibly proud to be passionate, and I hope you are too.


The article referred to in this post was called “Lady Gaga and the Life of Passion” by David Brooks.


Call To Action:

  1. Leave a comment: did you feel as though you were being described in the above paragraphs? I DID!
  2. Leave a comment: if you had to describe yourself in three words, which 3 words would you use?

7 thoughts on “Are you living a life of passion?”

  1. Right this moment 1) artistic 2)analytical and 3)persistent feel perfect.

    The first quotation resonated most with me.
    I have completely changed WHAT I want to do but the desire to be brave and to be passionate is constant.

  2. I would have to say determined, positive and passionate. I ran the NYC Marathon this pas Sunday and realized how much power we human beings hold within our minds. We can conjure up any quality or word we want to be from within. So I’d have to say even though its fun and even empowering to describe ourselves in simple words like this, it’s best not to label ourselves either. The number of words we can describe a human are limitless 🙂 The power within you and I are limitless 🙂

  3. I love asking others to describe themselves in three words. I have done it for myself before, but the best has been to ask others to describe you in three words. That was eye opening.

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