2 questions every soulful entrepreneur should ask themselves


There are certain rules I live by when it comes to my business.

The one I want to talk to you about today is this:

I must continue to actively and consciously create a business that supports me not only financially, but creatively, emotionally, AND spiritually. It’s about creating a job that doesn’t feel like “a job”, but more like a way of life.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, and I came up with a method that I’ve been using to brainstorm new ideas to help implement this. Here it is:

2 Questions Every Soulful Entrepreneur Should Ask Themselves:

1) What’s something within your business that’s working really well and lights you up inside?
What is something you can pinpoint you LOVE doing within your business, that simultaneously is building your brand or adding to your bottom line? Be as specific as possible about WHY it lights you up, and the particular characteristic of it that really matters to you.

2) How can you create similar experiences within your business, in a way that would also help support your business?
What is it about your answer to Question #1 that lights you up? What is it about your answer that you can replicate in a way that would simultaneously excite you AND help grow your business?

I know it can be helpful to see someone else’s answers so …

Here are my answers:

1) What’s something within your business that’s working really well and lights you up?
I *love* the interactions that I have with the amazing people in The Spark Lounge. If I had to be super specific about it , I would say it’s the *intimacy* of the community that I love and that inspires me the most.

2) How can you create similar experiences within your business, in a way that would also help support your business in a legitimate way?
For me, the word that stands out in my answer is the word intimacy.
(note … this word will be different for you. make sure you find what it is that lights YOU up, and brainstorm on THAT.)

So my question then becomes:

How can I create more INTIMACY within my business in a way that will also help support my business in a substantial way?

This question sparked a LIGHTBULB MOMENT for me.


The brainstorm & thought-process that led up to the Lightbulb moment:

1) How can I create more INTIMACY within my business in a way that will also help SUPPORT my business?

2) Send out more heart-to-heart emails (more writing + more connection are both good things)

3) 25,000 emails is A LOT and will be costly. WARNING!

4) What if I only sent out these emails to super fans? To the people who really care to keep up to speed with me and my business?

5) Well… how do you separate those people from the rest?

6) What if I created a V.V.I.P. segment of my email list?

7) People would only receive the exclusive V.V.I.P. emails if they opened my previous email – eradicating those who aren’t truly interested! 

8) YES!!! LIGHT BULB MOMENT! This would not only add more intimacy into my business by allowing me to share my heart and soul with a select few, but it would ALSO reward those who open my emails more frequently! 

See what happened there?

Thanks to two simple questions and a simple brainstorming sesh, I was able to come up with a brand new idea for my business that REALLY excites me in both a PERSONAL, CREATIVE way and a PROFIT-BASED way.

Sit down. Ask yourself the two questions. Brainstorm. See what comes of it. I bet it’s all good.

Always by your entrepreneurial side,


Be Brave. Leave a Comment.

1) What’s something within your business that’s working really well, and lights you up and excites you inside that you could create MORE of? For me it was intimacy, what is it for you?

2) What do you think of my idea of having a secret V.V.I.P. section of my list that you can *only* be on if you opened my previous email. Thoughts?

3) Did you get my email yesterday? If so – you were on yesterday’s V.V.I.P. list! *throws confetti* … did you like the Goody Bag at the end? 😀


65 thoughts on “2 questions every soulful entrepreneur should ask themselves”

  1. Hey Alex,

    This is a great idea!! This will really help you to also narrow in on your lifers, that support and love everything you do!! What a brilliant idea. Can’t wait to start reviewing more heart felt emails, but you know, this will will definitely be opening those. 😉 haha. have a great day!!


    1. Thanks Courtney! I love what you said about it allowing me to “narrow in on the lifers”. So true! I can’t wait to see where this takes all of us – I’m excited! Big hugs to you and thanks for the comment! 🙂

  2. Alex,

    I find your emails, vlogs and blog truly inspiring.
    I love the energy and above all the positive vibes you are always able to put in your work. You show passion, hard work and the desire to always to better and better!
    Please don’t stop! Great job!

  3. Dear Alex,
    thanks for the 2 beautiful insights.
    For me it is very similar: The answer to

    1) 1) What’s something within your business that’s working really well and lights you up inside?

    Heart to hart connections are the most important for me. They feel mutually enriching. So I´d similarily to you call that: my focus is on “true and authentic relationships”, on intimacy, on validation, appreciation, connectedness in liberty and diversity… where all feel empowered and breathe freely and expand happily

    2)2) How can you create similar experiences within your business, in a way that would also help support your business?

    Give more Workshops & show more Exhibitions … be visible more in media like Radio | TV | Newspaper | youtube …. continue to reach out with my “photos with a message” and touch people …

    Thanks for sharing your talent, skills and above all your sparkling spirit. I am not always able to follow you, so in a way I hope you won´t be to strict on the VVIP list and will alow me to stay on it even though I am not always able to read all the moment it comes in.
    I DO cherish and appreciate you and the thoughts you put out here a lot. And: if you ever come to Salzburg – the city of Mozart in Austria – you are very welcome!!!

    With love

    photos with a message

    1. Hey Claudia!

      Thanks so much for your comment. I *love* that you shared your answers – so cool! I totally understand not being able to follow along 24/7 but don’t worry – the VIP List emails will still get sent out once a week 🙂 Yay!

      Sending you a big hug from Florida 🙂
      PS I LOVE AUSTRIA! I’ve been there once and thought it was amazingly beautiful!

  4. Morning Alex!

    This is brilliant. Simply. Brilliant. I love simplicity of your brainstorm sesh – those 75 question worksheets floating around out there always make me feel like I need to take a nap! I’ll definitely be doing this with a dry erase marker and my bedroom mirror later today!

    I love the idea of the V.V.I.P list – it makes people feel special that they’re on a secret list, and lets you know who is really interacting with you!

    Annnnddd last but not least – LOVE the goody bag! 🙂

    Wooop! Happy Thursday!


    1. I’m so glad you loved this blog post, Kate! Thank you for the comment and YES to simplification! 🙂 *woop woop*!

  5. Alex, I’m always inspired by how you run your business. Making sure the work you’re doing fulfills you creatively and spiritually, as well as financially, is so important. It’s something I’m always reminding myself. I’ll definitely be setting aside some time today to answer these two questions.

    I love the idea of a V.V.I.P. list. It’s been a lot of fun getting to know you more through your Snapchat and your vlogs, so I know these heartfelt emails are going to be incredible! Can’t wait to start reading them!

    1. Thank you so much for the love Rachel! 🙂 and it makes me so happy that you love the idea of a V.V.I.P. List 🙂 I’m SO EXCITED to get started and make deeper connections with the *right* people! You rock 🙂

  6. Love it!! This is really great Alex 😀

    I think this will really help your loyal followers get to know you even better, it’s funny because you don’t really know us but to me you honestly really feel like a good friend and I am so glad to have you by my entrepreneurial side as I am building my business and growing my audience! Getting to know you better can only strengthen this bond! I follow a few other business coaches and I honestly don’t get this same friendly feeling of connection as with you and I must say that the Spark Lounge along with snapchat and your vlogs have definitely contributed immensely to this. 🙂

    I always open your emails and I look forward to the next one, for sure!! 😀

    Anyways, I am out before this gets too corny haha
    You rock, love you <3

    1. Hey Erika!
      Thank you so much for such a lovely comment, it really made my day. It’s funny because even though I don’t *really* know all of you, I totally feel the same way. I feel like we are all so similar, like soul-sisters. When I read your comments and emails it’s like I see a part of myself in each of you, and a part of each of you in each other. We are all connected. It is beautiful. And I think that’s why that feeling of being really good friend even exists. It’s so wonderful and I’m super grateful, and SO LOOKING FORWARD to creating more of this! Hence the V.V.I.P. List 🙂
      Thanks so much for the love and support!
      Love your soul sister,

  7. Hi Alex!
    This was a great idea and I totally can support on making that big decision. I think this is the only way of doing business the way it doesn’t feel like work – work just with the people who you can connect to and who connect to you and who you feel inspired to work with. I try doing it too and will now try even more. Thanks for sharing the thoughts and the mind map, I got to do that too.

    1. Eeva – I couldn’t agree with you more. I just wrapped up a blog post and in it I say that if my business did ever start to feel like “work”, I would quit. The whole point of creating this business was to create more freedom in my life and the lives of others! And the brilliant thing is that by shining my light, being MORE myself, and adding more vulnerability to my business, I attract MORE of the types of people I want to work with, and REPEL everyone else. Which is brilliant 😀
      Sending you love!

  8. I came across your YT channel this past Feb. researching advice on starting a blog and was immediately hooked! Had to subscribe! You bring something so unique and refreshing to the table that EVERY entrepreneur should take notice of how fab your brand is. I think your V.V.I.P email list is an excellent way of holding yourself as well as your email receipients accountable. If you are going to put forth the extra effort and $ to send out emails, then people who are truly interested in growing their brand should read them. ya! –Nichole

    1. So true, Nichole – I never even thought of it that way but you’re right! If I’m going to be putting forth extra time + effort, I want those who are most interactive and engaging with my brand to be the ones that benefit from it! 🙂 Love it! Big hugs xoxo

  9. Hi Alex,

    Looks like you have a great idea. If you dig down deeper there are certain things that maybe you are not aware of which makes your V.V.I.P idea a bit not-that-great-idea-after-all. However, this is just my opinion and as I don’t want to offend you as I don’t know 100% of your details. I am writing merely for the purpose to assist you in your beautiful journey so here goes:

    1) Mailchimp, Get Response or other mail providers are ridiculously expensive. For 2500 emails a month you can pay from 40-50 dollars a month. If you can solve this problem it is not a problem anymore. What if I say to you that you can send 25000 emails a month for $2.5? I send from 100k to +250k emails a month, however I don’t send them every week. I use Jeff Walker’s Product Launch formula so I don’t need to send the emails every week. Some of the months are very busy. Some of them are not e.g. 0 emails per month. Solution: Get Amazon Web Services SES service http://aws.amazon.com/ses/ for your emails + Sendy plugin (install on wordpress). If you know how to install wordpress you will know how to install sendy. It is 10000 emails/$1. So my monthly bill is around $19 if I send 190k emails that month. There are no additional fees. I didn’t believe it first but once I installed everything i closed my mail chimp account.

    Amazon Web Services SES http://aws.amazon.com/ses/pricing/
    Sendy website http://sendy.co/?ref=vGRjl

    Amazon deliverability is very high. They have many IP addresses and way better than mailchimp. I check their email deliverability rating every week and it never went below 95 out of 100. E.g. if your rating is 99 then 99% of your emails will reach customer’s inbox. You can check your provider rating here

    2) You mentioned that you should create a V.V.I.P list – if a person keeps opening your email. I love to be subscribed to some of the people. I don’t usually open all emails because I have filters that goes into a specific inbox and I will read them at my time. It can be after 2 or 4 weeks. So in this instance you will penalize me for reading your email late. This is not accurate.

    Solution: if you read google, microsoft, hotmail, aol, etc email deliverability policies you will find out that they will penalize you if people are not active within 60 days. So the solution is never have any people in your mail list who are not active for 60 days. If you send them again all these companies will penalize you. So perhaps call it V.V.I.P 60 Day list. Other people who don’t engage must be put onto a different IP address mailing list and don’t send them again from the sam IP address.

    Good luck

    1. Hey Pov! Thanks for taking the time to leave this comment! We’ll see how it goes 🙂 but for now I really love this new idea and think it will be worth it! ROCK ON! <3

      1. the website that checks your mail provider official address is https://www.senderscore.org. Create a new account and check this weekly. Maybe you have a lot of “mail traps” which requires you to fix it otherwise they will penalize you. In regards to the fact that you want to do insist on doing this then whatever you feel is in harmony with you then go with it. Perhaps you will create something new and share with us all. Good luck

  10. Alex, I’m a recent subscriber of yours and I LOVE, LOVE your oh so VALUABLE CONTENT! You inspired me to just good for it and move forward. Thank you for your enthusiasm, keeping it real, and sharing your knowledge! And yes, your idea of the VVIP list great! I, too love and brings a HUGE smile on my face, when I receive comments, feedback, gratitude from my PPP friends. Having the interactions between my and the followers makes me move motivated to do more, be more, and give more! Thank you again for all that you do! PAULA

    1. Thank you so much for the love, Paula! I’m so glad you’ve been enjoying my content and that you’ve found it inspiring! ROCK ON and I can’t wait to check out PPP! xoxo

  11. I love love love that you are embracing your creativity and exploring new opportunities, keep on rocking it!! The goody bag is super fun- always enjoy finding and exploring new things, especially those that inspire people that inspire me!!

  12. This is brilliant! And yes, I love your goody bag!!! Hope to see more of those 🙂

    My first thought to this question was, my business is too young to know what’s working well.. it’s still a baby… actually it’s still a fetus. I haven’t launched the site yet.

    Maybe I can start off with just what lights me up. Then figure out if that lights us the customers as well.

    Thanks for your awesomeness Alex!


    1. Mahesha! Thanks for the awesome comment and *yes* there will be more goody bags 🙂 Especially for the V.V.I.Pers! Love it! And love that your business is still a baby – what an EXCITING time for you 🙂 Sending you hugs xoxo

  13. I wish my notes looked that incredible! It’s like a work of art! I have a writing disorder (yes, it’s a real thing) so anything I write is hideous. And drawing too. BUT, this was one of the best blogs you’ve ever written in my opinion and I pinned it bc that goodness HAD to be saved and read on a day when I am not on vaca! Just, so much goodness.
    Much love, Kimberly!

    1. Aww thank you so much Kimberly! I’m such a huge note-taker and doodler. I actually just bought a 600 page sketchbook – my first sketchbook ever – as I feel I’m always looking for papers and run through notebooks at a rapid pace haha. Plus – blank pages are way better for me than lined pages! I’m so glad you enjoyed this blog post and I can’t wait to create more 🙂
      Big hugs

  14. Alex, I absolutely LOVE the changes you’re making!! It’s super exciting and I know that you are probably overflowing with excitement as well haha I’ll be pondering these two questions within the next few days for sure. So thank you! I also love that you’re making an exclusive list just for those who are truly following you every step of the way. I think it’s an amazing way to open up and to know who is in your corner. And its a GENIUS way to get more of us to open those emails. I know I will be. 😉 Have a fantastic day! <3

    1. Thank you so much, Kristina! And YES for pondering these 2 questions – I’ve found that they can be such a catalyst for positive change! Good luck 🙂 And I’m super pumped you love the idea of the V.V.I.P. List – I can’t wait to send out the first email and get your feedback!!!! 🙂
      Big hugs xoxo

  15. Genuinely impressed...

    Alex, You are so much fun to hang out with and be part of your journey! Thank you for sharing you. I wish there were more people like you around me in my “real” life.

  16. Alex you continue to charm/amaze/inspire should I go on? Of course I will, your email yesterday even got this old man to stop what I was doing and try again to figure out Snapchat (I still don’t see the point) and I finally won the setup battle I was having with it. I even sent you a message. Since out of my 438 contacts only 7 had Snapchat accounts. It’s clearly not a big deal in the circles I run (walk slowly) in. I’ll stick with FB for now. I still love you. Namaste

  17. Alex! I so love that you are constantly evolving and that you do it in a way that not only serves you and your business but also your sparklers. I am really hope I am able to be part of your VVIP list! With that said, here are my answers:

    1) I’m not really sure what is working because my business is super new and I’m still working on trying to figure that out. One thing I do enjoy is creating moments that inspire others the few times I have gotten feedback on an image I shared on Social Media that inspired someone , THAT lights me up!

    2) I absolutely love your idea of the VVIP, coming from you it feels like it’s a space for thou to have more of a 1×1 connection with us which I love. And though I was bummed about the break from chatty Tuesday you are pushing me to try new things like Snap Chat which I had never considered giving the time of day! Haha! So congrats and cheers to embracing change!

    3) I did! Yay ! The goody bag was super cool, I loved ❤️ it!!!!!!

  18. Alex,
    I just LOVE how much thought and consideration you put within your business and the people that continue to admire your work. It is really an inspiration and something I hope to develop as I move forward!

    1) Something that is working well for my business is my speedy and sincere communication with my clients online. I also am good at keeping up to date with my social media platforms to keep my audience engaged. I want to work on creating better reading content to pair with my photos that really shows my passion and love for what I do! I am not the best writer, but this is a skill I am working on!

    2) I think you V.V.I.P email list is a good idea. My only concern is that I find myself extremely busy during the school year (attending graduate school in the fall) and I know that I will be “starring” your emails to look at when I have a significant amount of time to truly read and absorb your words. I am nervous I may be lost in the shuffle when I find myself doing this! 🙁

    3) Your goody bag was awesome! 🙂

    Stay amazing,

  19. I love this idea! BALANCE is key to creating a healthy BIZ and knowing where to put your efforts is HUGE!! I love your ideas and have promoted your site on my secret FB Team Page so my Team can benefit from you as well! Keep sparkling and brainstorming! 🙂 You are a gem!

    – Kristin

  20. Amazing Alex! Sounds really interesting and cool! You are always doing something outside of the box! I wish you lots of success and I hope to be on your VVIP list, I usually open pretty much all of your newsletters 🙂

  21. This is a great idea Alex – it does weed out who’s REALLY listening and who’s not. One thing that may cause issues though … and that is, what if people are unable to read each email as they are unable to have access to their internet for a period of time (for example, me … I’m off to Italy on next Friday and will be without internet for 3 weeks … woohoo!) Is there a way that we can contact you to give you warning that we are unable to read your emails for a certain period? It’s not from a lack of interest in reading your emails – because I love reading these, just a physical – I can’t get email for 3 weeks 🙂

  22. Hi Alex, great idea and using the 80/20 rule you will more likely receive 80% of your precious customers from 20% of those 25,000 emails!
    I am creating my new business with a massive drive – my husband was working as a body guard looking after foreign office workers and diplomats in Africa but was evacuated & just escaped with his life from his last job in Libya. I can’t go another 14hours of thinking he is dead so WE HAD A PLAN – I’ve thrown myself in to my new business as a network marketer and he is Daddy Day Care, we are 4 months in and you have helped me a lot – Thank You. I would love to read your emails daily but it is not always physically possible may be % to be read instead of everyone might work just as well ?? I know you’ll work it out, Kate

  23. Hi Alex, these 2 questions came at a perfect time for me! I honestly have NO clue what I’m doing about a business yet, but I give free content “health and wellness for the unique and inspired” on a Facebook page called Beautiful Insides. I have a private support group that was only supposed to last 5 days! Well today is day 5, and I don’t want it to end. I’ve held lots of groups and this one has been so supportive and interactive. Now I’m at a crossroads on what to do. Do I extend the group? How do i funnel this into a business? I LOVE giving, I’m not a taker, I LOVE making videos, and I love getting feedback and having engagement!
    Anyhow the 2 questions have been really helpful in finding what I really do desire for my page and “superfans” if you will.

  24. I’m excited for so many reasons.

    1. I feel like I’ve been challenged to try and make it on the vvip list, ahah! Trust me, challenge accepted. >:)

    2. I’m so excited for you! I think it can be so daunting and nerve-wrecking to take such a huge leap of faith.

    Also, when I saw that your Goody Bag interests included zentangle, it was like an instant soul connection. Everything I’m trying to learn from you is to help me market my Zentangle/Indian pattern designs. Woop woop!


  25. Hi Alex,
    Love your blog post and love your energy. I just wanted to ask “Have I missed something?” I am on your VIP list and a member of Spark Lounge but did not get an email from you yesterday – and only saw this blog by chance visit to your site – was I supposed to sign up somewhere? Goody bag?
    Some lovely comments people have left for you and I have enjoyed reading them.


  26. Hi Alex!

    This post is so helpful! I can’t wait to try it out this week during my next brainstorming session 😉

    Have a great day


  27. Hello Alex,

    I love your idea with the segmented list. Even though I’ll probably not make it onto the VIP list then … I’m a “batch reader” *laugh*
    I had a similar idea a while back to sort out my list by deleting the ones that never open my emails anyway. But then someone cautioned me that not with all emails it really gets registered whether they have been opened or not. That kinda threw me. I mean, of course I do not wanna delete people from my list that might be reading my stuff, but somehow the newsletter-provider doesn’t register that – for whatever reason.
    I’m not supertechy … so, do you have any thoughts on that? Is there a way to know for sure which emails have been opened and which have not?



  28. Hi Alex,

    Thank you for sharing your creative process. It’s refreshing and inspiring to see how you imbue spirituality into your business. I strive to do the same!

    Your mindmap-brainstorming inspired me to do one too. I realized my dreams for my online English tutoring website are sooo much bigger than I thought. I want to do courses, write e-books…and more!

    Thanks again,

  29. Oh. My. WOW. I suddenly feel worlds lighter after reading this, which happens to be one of my core desired feelings. Which brings me to my next insight – intimacy. I’ve been using this word quite a bit lately, and yet I hadn’t even recognized how important it is to me in business and in life, so thank you so much for helping me realize this Alex. Not only is intimacy a word that makes me light up, but I now recognize I too desire more intimacy in my life and in my business. In creating a more intimate business and life, I will be able to honor my desire to feel light – both in the radiant and energizing sense, and in the weightless and flowy sense of the word.

    I just discovered you and your website and brand today Alex, and may I just say how inspired I am by what you’ve created here. I’m still exploring, but I get that sense that I’ll be inspired to continue engaging with you and your community.

    Thank you so so much for the value you’ve created here. Simple, potent, powerful, and purposeful. <3

    Love & Hugs!


  30. really love this idea, alex and love receiving your emails. it makes so much sense to only provide a VVIP email to those who have opened your emails! Such a good incentive.

  31. Wow – tough but important questions! The minute I heard you say VVIP – I knew exactly what you were thinking! Brilliant idea. We need to make our repeat customers ‘feel’ SPECIAL because they really are!!!! I have been intending to do this but always get to busy and fall short. I guess that is really what it is about – taking that TIME because it is HARD to show our CLIENTs they are MORE then CLIENTS as they are our lIFE.

    YOu are always the perfect kick in the butt for me ACT and to DO what I believe.

    Thanks again ALEX!!

  32. Mark Hutt Bennett


    Totally love your high energy and enthusiasm.
    Your marketing methods -theories are excellent.
    You’re an exceptional guide and extremely generous. That’s a total win win. It doesn’t get any better than that Alex.
    Just happened to smack into you on YouTube. Once I starting watching, you kept my attention throughout. It’s obvious you know what you’re discussing.
    Hot dang. You are an inspiration.

    Don’t Stop!

    The Sundance Kid…

  33. Alex, I love your site and I frequent often. It’s like you’re my business bestie in my head. I just wrote a post about supporting other business babes no matter the genre and I felt compelled to do that here! So thank you for always giving your best to your readers. I AM A FAN! And yes, the “secret V.V.I.P. list” is a must. It shows you who’s dedicated to learning from you enough to actually READ. 😉

    You’ve definitely inspired me to go harder with my passion of writing/blogging!


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