Hi Alex!

I follow you everywhere (on social media haha, didn’t mean to scare you there), and I’m curious about using snapchat for my own business, just for fun (I’m a wedding photographer so I’d like to share on the go behind the scenes from shoots and my office everyday life).

What I realized when announcing this and a few followers added me, is that once I accepted them they end up in my list of contacts and the list grows very big and it’s hard/tedious to find my friends and family in the list when I want to share something special/personal just for my closest people.
Do I need to add/accept all my snapchat followers for them to see my story? Or is it enough that they add me and I never really click the “+” icon so they end up in my friends list?
Would love your input on how you differentiate between personal and business snapchat 🙂
Love your work, keep it up!
Snappy Happy


Dear Snappy Happy, 

First and foremost, I think it’s magnificent that you’re on Snapchat. Here’s why:

In the land of social media, Snapchat is the “cool kid on the block” right now. And guess what? It was deemed as the 3rd most popular social app among millennials by TechCrunch. Snapchat works really well for you as a wedding photographer because the people using Snapchat the most right now are aged 18 through 34. This is the perfect age for you because these are people who are either getting married soon, or know of someone who is getting married soon.  The truth is, Snapchat has people’s full attention right now. It’s new, fun, and cool, and as Gary Vaynerchuk would say – it hasn’t been ruined by marketers yet. In other words, the fact that you’re an early adopter of Snapchat is HUGE because there’s not that many business owners who are thinking of using Snapchat in creative, unique ways to market their business, and therefore there’s a lot less competition for people’s attention. Compare this to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, where people are being overloaded with marketing content from businesses big and small, and you’ll see what I mean!

Here’s how you can let your new followers see your story on Snapchat without having to add them and overpopulate your Snapchat News Feed:

1) Open the Snapchat App and press the ghost at the top, center of your screen (where you take pictures)


2) Click the settings icon at the top, right hand side of your screen


3) Scroll down to where it says “Who can … Send me snaps and View my Story” and change to “Everyone”



Once you’ve set your settings to “anyone can view my story”, you can go ahead and delete them. Once you delete them as a friend, they won’t show up in your news feed anymore, but you will show up in theirs! Here’s how to do this:

1) Click the ghost icon at the top, center of your screen

2) Click “My Friends”

3) Tap the person’s name you want to remove

4) Click the “Settings” icon

5) Click “Remove Friend”



The wonderful thing about making your stories visible to ‘everyone’ is that once people add you, you won’t have to add them back. They will already have full access to your story! YAY!

I hope this helped, Snappy Happy! And I hope that *you* have a brilliant day! 🙂

With love and sparkles,





  1. Are you on Snapchat, yet? If so – let’s be friends! Add me: thealexbeadon
  2. Did you find this article helpful? Will you be making your Snapchat Stories public so that whenever someone adds you, they automatically get access to your story?
  3. What are your thoughts on Snapchat so far? Do you think it’s here to stay?
  4. Do you use Snapchat often?
  5. How many friends do YOU have on Snapchat?

58 thoughts on “HOW TO GO “PUBLIC” ON SNAPCHAT”

  1. Wow! This is so awesome, thank you so much! It was exactly what I was looking for.

    I use Snapchat all the time personally, but I’m taking baby steps to go public with some aspects of my life/business. I think it’s a wonderful addition to Facebook and Instagram.

    1. So so so glad you enjoyed this post! 🙂 You should definitely check out how Sparklers Asia Croson and Haleigh Pannell are using it to integrate personal + business as photographers!

  2. Love it Alex! I had apparently set this without even knowing it! Good to know that if I delete someone they don’t know I’ve deleted them and I still appear in their feed 🙂

    1. So glad you enjoyed this post and YAY for having it set already 🙂 Rock on! xoxo

  3. Hi Alex,
    I’m curious if you’re suggesting we click on “Everyone” for “Who can send me snaps”? or just for “Who can view my stories”?

    Thanks for clarifying!

  4. Alex I am so clueless with mobile apps–I swear I’m going on 50ish, not 30ish! This is so beautifully simple and absolutely what I needed. Thank you for putting so much love and sparkles out into the world!



  5. Hi Alex.. I was so overwhelmed by snapchat in the beginning that I gave up on it very quickly! It seems I am going to have to use this awesome article to start up again! Except, what does one do if they are not uses to making videos and talking to people online.. the mere idea panics me a a bit!!!

  6. Hi Alex! Thank you for this, and for your new newsletter format. May I use your Goody Bag idea in my newsletter? I hope to start those very soon.

    BTW, I am new to Snapchat. Is there a way to send a direct Snap to someone? For example, can I send a Snap to you and no one else?


  7. What about when followers (who you have not accepted as snapchat friends) view your story. When you check who has viewed your story, will they show up there as well, or just your friends?

    1. I was actually wondering this as well. I deleted some people before I made my profile public. I feel like they can’t see your story anymore.

    I have really interesting stories! I live in Alaska so if you want a new fresh look on life then follow me (I always add back)
    USERNAME- tellyie

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  10. This is great! I only have one question, i want to go “public” but my little cousin has me on snapchat and she sees me as her role model, so i put the “who can view my story” to customized and didnt let her see mine so she won’t see when im at a party. I dint want to block her bc we snapchat often but i dont want her to see my story either so idk if i can go public.

  11. Mohammed Abu Zeinab

    This was really useful! so given im the person behind my trade/service/philosophy as well as just wanting to post and try it (it does get fun) I started snapping and sharing tidbits on Instagram to say I was (I’m also not sure of how else to let them know other than through other channels). So people were adding me and I had no idea they couldn’t see until…oops I found out last night and my friend did exactly what you just showed me. But I wanted to learn it for myself.
    Very cool fun and uplift feeling you have in presenting the instructions and the images used! Thank you!
    And then my friends joked saying aaa there’s that selfish don’t add me back coming out hahaha

  12. Marlene Recinos

    I have a question , so after putting everyone to view my story what if their are certain people I want to add ? Do I see who has full access to my story ?

  13. so I changed my settings to everyone but I wanna know if I don’t add someone back can I still see when they view my story? Bc this girl told me she watches my whole story but I never see her name under who views it bc I didn’t add her back? How do I fix this?

  14. I wanted to ask you can put your friends snaps on your snap story. Something like team snapchat

  15. We are snap chatting our events in Costa Rica and South Africa this summer and are so excited to use geofilters in our locations! Thanks for the tips to make the snap story viewable to everyone.

  16. THANK YOU!! Newby here, I had no idea how to get the settings change. People kept saying they couldn’t see my snaps so I googled and you are the first to come up. You’re a huge help and instructions are easy to follow. 🙂

  17. Hello Alex,

    I already choosed “everyone” section but my followers can not see my stories. Only the people who added on my list,too ,ca see my snaps…What do you think about it ?

    I erase the snapchat than install again. I turned off the phone again install…nothing changed. People can not see my snaps .

  18. Snapchat: andrealessard.
    Wow this is great! Been looking for the answer to this for a while lol! You made it very clear and direct & added pictures bahah. Using my snapchat for “behind the scenes” of my shared vlog channel with my sister as well as my YouTube channel & couldn’t figure this out for the longest time! Was bugging me so much but this helped me! Thank you so much!

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  20. Thankyou so much! I was wondering why people who I hadn’t added back couldn’t see my story and that I would have to add them. This post was very helpful

  21. What about the people that have added u before u have gone to public, will they now also see your snaps? Or just the people that added you after u went public

  22. Do the views still pop up if they aren’t added as a friend but look at your story??

  23. thank you sooooo much for this post. I have been posting on snap and facebook asking people to chime in and help me figure out how to allow people to see my snaps without adding them for months. I couldn’t get an answer. One google search and I found your article. It was so helpful.

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