Meet my new crush …


Hey friends,

Yes, it’s true – I have a new crush.

And no, it’s not what you’re thinking – I’m not crushing on a new guy (Kevin, you can breath a sigh of relief ;))

I’m crushing on an APP that I know you’re gonna love!

It’s called Phhhoto and I absolutely adore it. It allows you to take moving pictures like these:

Pretty cool, right?

Okay, now go check it out for yourself – Phhhoto.

You’re welcome 😉

Oh, and here’s a top tip for you:

If you’re going to post it on Instagram, it automatically adds its “Phhhoto” logo at the end of the video, so be sure to cut that off for a logo-free moving image!

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  1. What do you think of Phhhoto so far? Are you as excited to use it as I am?
  2. What are your favorite apps? Sharing is caring!

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With love,

P.S. You are loved.

15 thoughts on “Meet my new crush …”

  1. I like this new app! Thank you for sharing. If I use an app on my phone for photography stuff, I usually use Pixlr Express and it works for everything. They just updated it and it’s name changed but I cannot remember what the new name is. You can still find it by typing in Pixlr. Thanks again Alex!

  2. I am border line obsessed with your webpage! So many great tools to use for this aspiring marketing leader (muah)… Loved your freebies! You made the blogging process so easy for me. Cannot wait to check out Phhoto app! Thanks Alex for sharing 🙂 Hope I can attend a spark lounge session!

  3. I cannot wait to try with some of my landscape design photos! I will let you know the results.. thanks Alex for being amazing!

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