How to set up your newsletter to be a client & cash magnet


Whenever I get asked for ONE piece of advice that’s been vital to my success in my online business, I always say – START A NEWSLETTER!

Why? Because My VIP List (my newsletter) has been *vital* to the success of my brand and online business by opening up new levels of deeper communication that weren’t previously possible.

However, the success of my email list doesn’t come from its mere existence. It comes because I make it an absolute priority to grow and nurture my list as much as I possibly can.

How do I grow and nurture my list?

Great question, and I’ve decided it’s about time that I answer it!

On the 10th of March I’m hosting a LIVE WEBINAR that will answer this question and more!

You can RSVP for free here.

So if you want to know *exactly* how I grew my email list (which is now more than 23,000 emails strong) in step-by-step detail, this webinar is for you!

Be sure to sign up for a newsletter account before we talk! Sign up by clicking here!

I get asked again and again how I was able to grow my list from 0 to 20,000+ and in this live webinar event I am going to be spilling the beans! *woop woop*

Now back to eating my Ben & Jerry’s ice cream 🙂
Sending you love and hugs,

5 thoughts on “How to set up your newsletter to be a client & cash magnet”

  1. Hi Alex! I’m super excited about this!!! I recently started my newsletter, and I offer a freebie to entice people to join. As of today I have 42 people on my list. Every time someones joins it’s exciting! I want to offer something of value to them, so starting this last month, I give a freebie every month, free presets, or something like that. I’m having trouble thinking of what to write on my newsletter!
    See you in the webinar!

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