3 of My Favorite Business Tools (day 5 of 7)


I just got back from a beautiful trip to the beach, and I’m sitting here on my peaceful balcony with my 7th grade best friend, Laura, who’s visiting me from NYC. Life is SO GOOD!

We are now on the 5th day of The Feel Good Blogging Challenge. I seriously can’t believe how quickly this week has flown by! The response to The Feel Good Blogging Challenge has been PHENOMENAL, and I’m just so grateful and excited for everyone who has taken part. It’s been too much fun 🙂

Today I’m going to be sharing 3 of my favorite business tools, along with WHY I love them so much. Let’s dive in:

1) Dropbox
I LOVE using Dropbox because it allows me to store all of my important business files, notes and folders. The best part is that I know I never have to worry about a hard drive failure, since it’s all in the cloud. I also love using Dropbox to move images from my computer to my phone so that I can upload them to Instagram! Win/win!

2) TimeTrade
All of my clients schedule their appointments with me via TimeTrade. I LOVE TimeTrade because it automatically syncs with my calendar, so it knows when i am free, and when I’m not, and automatically updates any appointments directly into my calendar! AMAZING!

3) Snapchat
This is my latest business obsession. I LOVE being able to ask questions to my followers in such a real way, and be able to get feedback from them immediately! Plus, it’s a crazy amount of fun 🙂 You can follow my adventures by adding me: thealexbeadon


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  • What is one of your favorite business tools?
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11 thoughts on “3 of My Favorite Business Tools (day 5 of 7)”

  1. Thanks for sharing some good business apps that you use! I really need to look into using Dropbox for my photography.

    In all honesty my favorite app that I use for business is Pinterest. I use it to pin some awesome tutorials, helpful blogs, inspirational, and fun things to look back on!

  2. I love dropbox! Been using it for so many years and it has never failed me! Gotta check out timetrade and maybe it’s time for me to join snap chat too 🙂
    I have been using ACT for client management… but then again it’s a paid software :/

  3. Hi Alex!
    My favorite tools are: Buffer and Google Analytics! 😀
    I’ve loved every day of this challenge. I’ve met wonderful bloggers ♥.

  4. First thing…the response and traffic on my blog is absolutely blowing my mind! Second…I need to figure out this DropBox. I always noticed it on my phone and tablet but never knew how to use it. Thank you Alex for this challenge! So happy I started following you when I did!

    Much love,
    Brooke Ashley xo

  5. My favorite tool is definitely dropbox, but now I am going to be adding that Time Trading to the mix I had NO CLUE that whiz even existed in life boo thang. GET CHO LIFE .. girl I love it.

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