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Yesterday was a WHIRLWIND. I launched my new website and the response has been phenomenal. It’s amazing what the power of a new look can do for your online presence, and I’m super excited about it! 

As part of today’s motivating daily letter, I want to talk to you about RISK. 

Last night I was hanging out with two friends of mine who are also entrepreneurs. I always love spending time with them, because they totally get it. They have the drive, spark and hustle that you need when you’re trying to get your business to the next level, and its super inspiring. 

Somehow, we found ourselves lost in conversation about the past, and everything we’ve done to bring ourselves to where we are today: full time business owners. 

The one common denominator was: RISK. 

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Entrepreneurs are, more often than not, highly skilled people. Whether they are super smart within their businesses, have super social skills, or benefit from some other awesome talent – they are skilled. There’s no doubt about it. 

And skilled people? Well, we have options. 

When I graduated from college and decided to skip out on the corporate ladder, there were many people in my life who thought I was crazy. I graduated with a top bachelor’s degree in management with marketing, had a stellar background, and as far as many of my friends were concerned: the world was my oyster in the corporate world. 

I saw things differently. I decided to pursue my own business and many people in my life saw this as a HUGE RISK to the future of my life as a whole. It was looked upon as “corporate suicide”. 

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Similarly, my friend walked out of college, even though he was one year away from finishing his bachelor’s degree, because he KNEW he wanted to be his own boss, and quite simply: he was hungry for it.

Again, people thought he was crazy. But he did it anyway. 

He ended up getting a really good job after he left college, and he used it as a stepping stone to be able to build his business on the side. When his business had finally grown enough to support him quitting his job, people thought he was CRAZY. 

He had endless opportunities with this company: he was well-liked in the company, had great relationships and opportunities, and he knew he could be making multiple six figures if he only stuck around for a few more years. 

But he wanted something different for himself.

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And so, in the life of any successful entrepreneur you will see risk.

As my friends and I looked back on our lives, and everything we risked and gave up to be where we are today, it was so easy to see now just how worth it those risks had been. At the time, though, when you’re in the middle of making that decision, when RISK is staring you straight in the face? Well, it’s not so easy. 

Here’s the thing: 
If you have a strong desire for yourself and for your life that involves running your own business, be prepared to risk it all. GET COMFORTABLE with risk. Be prepared to put everything on the line, but back it up with unwavering faith and belief in the fact that you will make it happen no matter what

Because that unwavering belief in yourself and in your idea is what, ultimately, will keep you strong during the rough times, and get you from point A to point B. 

Here’s to more of us getting comfortable with risk! It’s actually a very beautiful thing.

Big hugs,


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