IT’S HERE: My new website!

I am SO EXCITED to share this with you today! Welcome to my brand new website! If you’ve been wondering where I’ve disappeared to over the last 2 weeks, you now know!

Here’s the before:


 and after: 


Before I dive in and explain the “behind-the-scenes” goodness of this post, I want to give you a chance to sift through it and explore it for yourself!

So for now, go explore! And if you have any questions, just leave it in a comment! I’d love to hear from you 😀

Big hugs



18 thoughts on “IT’S HERE: My new website!”

  1. Yay!!! It looks amazing, Alex!!! It feels less cluttered and much easier to navigate, but it’s still colorful and very “Alex”.

    P.S. I never realized how often I visit your website site until it was down for a few days. lol… I need my Alex confidence boosts and advice!

  2. Sthuthi Shetty

    uff!! Finally I was able to comment.(Yeah! I’m back with my commenting complaints)
    Great site Alex. I am in love with these colours. Its fresh and lively Just like an orange or lemon..

  3. The new site is GREAT Alex!! Congrats 🙂 And I love the idea of the Spark Lounge. Really great name! I want to join but unfortunately (for me) I use a pen name when writing online so signing up via Facebook would blow my pseudo-cover :/ I’ll have to settle for your awesome daily emails instead (which are super helpful btw!!)

    Anyways, great work on the site! So glad its finally back up ^^


  4. Kenia Urdaneta

    Bravooo!!! Amazing Alex! I LOVE the new image, the photography is amazing, I absolutely adore how you look!… By the way, I have a question: I’m already signed in your newsletter, that means I’m into the spark lounge community and the instagram webinar right?

  5. Oh Alex!!! It’s beautiful and oh so you!!! Love the colors and the design… can’t wait to see what you have in store for us!! 🙂

  6. YAY! Alex – so happy for you! This site is happy and sparkly and beautiful and inspiring. Just like the woman who created it. Plus you’re wearing my favorite color 🙂

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