One simple tip to get MORE CLIENTS


Hey friend,

Do you want to make sure that you’re getting as many inquiries and sales in your business as possible?

If so, you’re going to love today’s quick tip!

This one, easy tip is going to ensure that you’re making it as easy for your website visitors to purchase from you as possible.

You’re gonna thank me for this one later 😉

Before I go, I just want to say a huge thank you for helping me choose the name of this brand new series! All of your comments, votes, and suggestions were so appreciated, and so vital to this awesome new name.

You are so awe-inspiring, and I’m truly thankful to have you as such a supportive part of my sparkling community.

Rock on, my friend, rock on!

With love and hugs,

42 thoughts on “One simple tip to get MORE CLIENTS”

    1. Hey Lynette!

      These definitely help guide more people in the right direction, BUT if demand is not there, it’s simply not there. Question: what type of marketing are you doing right now? In other words, how are you getting people to your site? Would love to know!

      Big hugs

      1. Lynette Brown (Blinc Pics)

        Hi Alex,

        I do pay for click,
        Tie in with some bouqite clothes shops
        Leaflet drops
        work of mouth
        Tie in with really nice ice cream store
        Facebook advertising
        Online forums for families#
        Advertising in pre-schools


        I get traffic to my site around 1000 clicks a month but no enquiries ):

        I’m at a lost, maybe I’m being told something, (time to give in after 8 years just never going to make this a full time job) Love to be like others who can really do this full time

    2. Hi Lynette,
      When I looked at your site, on my computer, the area ‘above the fold’ was super clear and professional looking (the top nav bar and photo slider with lovely photos) but when I scrolled down the area ‘below the fold’ was cluttered and it was hard for me to tell what went with which other info. Maybe streamlining that area could help. It sounds like you are marketing your pants off, so I don’t know if that little tweak will make a huge difference, but it might help! From what I understand the UK market is very different from the photography market here in the US, so you may just have a more challenging environment to work in too!

  1. Hi Alex! I love this video and Thursday Throwdown! So excited to see what’s coming up next. I redesigned my website this past year and I’m thinking it needs a little help or a little boost. And if anyone else has any tips, please let me know!! Here’s the link:

    1. I agree! Her website is gorgeous!! But the most amazing thing on this website is the photos! This girl is seriously talented! Looks like a dream wedding photographer 😉

  2. Haleigh Pannell | 1:20 Photo

    Hey Alex – loved the video! Got the call to action tip from you a while back and implemented it into my website right then and there. Still don’t have the message box in the contact page, though. I’d like to but I’m not really sure how to go about doing it. I’m definitely not a website designer guru! Here’s my link though to check it out 🙂

    1. Hey Haleigh!

      I’m thrilled that you loved the video 🙂

      Definitely check out if you need some small changes to your website (like the form). I use them all the time and loooove ’em!

      BIG HUGS

  3. I love your tips! I love website critiques it’s my favrorite thing to do. Its so helpful to get opinions of others and to continue to evolve your website. I recently redid my wedding planning site and the one tip you reminded me to add was a call to action at the end of every page. I have the usual pin this, share this, but I think I’ll add a contact me to book link too!

  4. I love the tips you give Alex. You are exciting and full of energy. Thanks for this and thanks Corrine for allowing us to look at your site.

  5. i put a call to action in my footer so no matter where you are, it’s always at the bottom! I also have a quick form for contacting me! 🙂

  6. First of all, I want to thank you for all your tips, they are really helpfull. Also I really like you speak so clearly and not very fast, that helps for people like me who are not english speakers (I, personally, really appreciate this).

    About this tip in particular, I found it really interesting and helpful, and I just used it for my portfolio, so I hope it helps people to want to contact me.

    Unfortunately I can’t have a submission form to contact me, maybe I could but I’ll have to look for some ways to do it, definetly I’ll try to find the way, at least.

    Once again, thank you!

  7. Thanks for the video. Once I felt I was finished my website I let my friends look it – I watched them and where they instinctivly clicked expecting a link I added link:
    I also add monthly campaigns/flyers which show at the bottom.

  8. Thanks for the tips Alex! I’m always looking for ways to improve my site and I think it’s a fabulous idea to add links to your contact page on both your ‘about’ page and gallery pages. I will definitely be implanting this!
    I am a sole Day-Of Wedding Coordinator and my website is if anyone’s interested in critiquing and offering suggestions! 🙂

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