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Back in the day, I used to be a photographer. It’s true. I would take image after image of the beauty around me, adding my own unique flair, doing my best to present the world with a piece of art that would make a difference, that would make someone better for having seen it.

Today, life isn’t too different. I may no long be a photographer, but I’m still out to create art that makes a difference, that aims to make someone better for having been a part of it.

It’s crazy.

Only the tools I use are different. The rest is all the same.

I just spent months crafting a premium product for my business : The School of Killer Impressions.

And it was an artistic process – from what to name the program, to which topics should be covered (and in what order), to figuring out the best way to present the information, to create the best learning experience as you possibly can.

I created The School of Killer Impressions with the same thought and detail that I create a photograph.  With love, with thought, with care, and with creativity.

When I sit back and look at my end product, I’m pretty damn proud. I know that this is going to change lives. I know that this is going to make a difference. I know that I’m onto something .

But do you want to know the best part? After all of these months of planning and creation of the product, it’s finally live. It’s actually happening.

There is an amazing group of students who are experiencing this creation of mine. And, honestly? It’s the most exciting thing for me.

These people mean so much more to me than they know, because they are gifting me my first chance of seeing my baby “born”.

It’s wonderful to see an idea become reality.

And maybe that’s the difference. With my photographs, everything was so very … instant. Idea. Planning. Execution. Enjoy… all within a few days of each other.

The School of Killer Impressions has been so different. I poured months into creating it, and the whole time I had zero proof that it would sell or not.  I just had a passion to teach, and a hunch.

And here I am. With my very first class of passionate students.

And the feeling? It’s absolutely incredible.

To everyone who is a part of the very first round of The School of Killer Impressions, I so appreciate having you on board – each and every single one of you have blown me away with your talent, skill, passion, and dedication to make your dreams a reality. You inspire me. And you are exactly who this course is for.  Thank you.

For everyone who reads this blog, and is a part of my journey – I love having you on board. Thank you for sharing this with me.

With love,


8 thoughts on “The artist within …”

  1. Yayy Alex !!
    I am happy to be part of this part of your life too !!
    I have been working hard and trying to answer the questions with my heart ! I appreciate you doing the same with what you do !

    Looking forward to what is to come !

  2. Glad to hear your program is a success! I hope you write a post coving how you marketed the school of killer impressions from start to finish. Well done!

  3. Debbie Arringdale

    Alex! You did an awesome job with creating the School of Killer Impressions. You are a very talented and smart lady. But most of all I love how your passion shines through and you are there every step of the way with us during the course. I’ve love learning new things, having my passion and excitment for the business side of my business come alive again and seeing my creativity with marketing taken to a new level. You are a marketing teacher ROCK STAR! I’m excited to see where my new biz direction will take me. Thank you.

    1. @debbiearringdale:disqus – thank you so much for this lovely comment! You are just the sweetest 🙂 I’m thrilled that you’re enjoying The School of Killer Impressions, and just so excited for all that’s to come for you and your business! EEK! 😀 You rock! Big hugs xoxo <3

  4. There’s so much pleasure and proof that this course is a huge win. Week 2 of 6 and feeling so refreshed with vision and clarity. MUAH! Thank you for creating this beautiful baby, baby. 😉 Your gleeful estudiante.

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