The things people will say behind your back & what to do about it!

Hey friend, 

You know what REALLY makes me mad?

(besides pointless movies that leave you thinking, “wow, i was REALLY hoping that was going somewhere. I just wasted 2 hours of my life!”)

When people say bad things about each other behind each other’s backs. Yup, it pisses me off.

Why do I despise this? Why does it make me SO ANGRY that my head could explode?

Because when that person finds out what was said about them, unfortunately those negative words have the power to destroy their self-image, their dreams, their confidence, and make them lose their sense of worth. And no one deserves that. 

Seriously, I wish I could go back in time and tell myself, “Dear 18-year-old Alex, when people are mean behind your back, DON’T TAKE IT TO HEART. Don’t give those words undeserved power! You’re overflowing with awesomeness, and you know it.” 

Has anyone ever made fun of YOU and made YOU feel like you were a big ol’ waste-of-space, good-for-nothing failure?

If so, you opened the right blog post, my friend. Here’s what’s coming out of my mouth this week:

  • The ONLY thing you should measure your confidence with
  • The 3 unexpected words I think to myself when I look in the mirror
  • How to know if you should give up on your dream or not
  • A personal confession of one of my biggest weaknesses and why we should avoid this at all costs

AND as a side note … this video is SUPER special because

  • You’ll finally get to meet Blue, the cutest dog you’ll ever see (YAY!)
  • You’ll want to keep an eye out for what he does when I tell him to play dead (ha!)
  • I’ve kept this video script-free AND under 6 minutes long – booyah!


So, darling Dream-Chaser, here’s my hope for you –

Number 1)

Let’s start a dream-chasing rule to make an effort to only say GOOD things about people behind their back. Because what we focus on expands. And I want to attract GOOD things into my life.

And Number 2)

When people put you down, make fun of you, and generally make you feel like crap, I hope you remember the video I created for you this week. I hope you turn back to it whenever you need a little boost of motivation, and I hope it always puts a smile on that beautiful face of yours.

Here are your next action steps:

Yes, I believe that the conversations we have during Chatty Tuesdays are incredibly important to the growth of your business – HOWEVER, without action it’s all useless! SO – here are the three action steps you must take this week to fully embrace the ideas and techniques introduced in this video:

  1. Ask yourself: what is it that YOU want from your life? What is it that you want from your business? Your love life? That’s all that matters.
  2. Get rid of all the things you’re doing just to please other people; embrace saying NO!
  3. Keep doing what you’re doing. Keep your head up + chase your dreams.


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With never-ending confidence and belief in YOU and YOUR dreams,

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