How to Eliminate Procrastination

Here’s an interesting fact for you: did you know there are 3 types of procrastinators?

That’s right. 3 genres of procrastination that describe pretty much anyone who’s ever said “I’ll do it tomorrow.”

Watch this week’s Chatty Tuesday to discover what type of procrastinator you are, and find out my 3 tips that will take you from “I’ll do it tomorrow” to “I’ll do it now.”

Don’t put this video off until later – let’s do this now! Check it out.

When you’re done watching the video, leave a comment letting me know what your thoughts on procrastination are.

Did you identify with one of the 3 procrastination types? Or are you happily living procrastination-free? What works for you to stop procrastination in its tracks?

I want to know! Let’s pull together a list of anti-procrastination tactics.

Procrastination is something that most people have struggled with at one point or another.

It’s totally normal + it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

99% of people have woken up at least once with a long to do list, only to go to sleep that night having crossed zero things off it.

Youch! Not good.

Remember: procrastination isn’t something you’re born with. Like any skill, it’s something you develop and hone over time.

So with these tips and a little practice, you’ll be a productivity master. Practice makes perfect.


As always, I hope you have a beautiful day + I’ll see you again next week.

Big hugs,



2 thoughts on “How to Eliminate Procrastination”

  1. At the risk of sounding like the Procrastination Queen; I think I fell into all three genres – YIKES! But seriously, I love your tips and will put them into action PRONTO. Having inspiration nearby always helps. Toughest part for me (that I’m committed to cracking!) is: Getting started. Off I go now. (I may or may not have been procrastinating when I decided to bump around your site and watch awesome videos.)

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