How to do what you love + drop what you hate

When I started out as a photographer, wedding photography was my weapon of choice.

Photos of women in white dresses made my heart race, delicately decorated wedding cakes made my knees week.

And then, when the opportunity arose, I attended my first wedding as an official wedding photographer.

My hopes, dreams, and wishes were being fulfilled!

Except…then my feet started hurting…and I started missing my lazy weekends by the fire sipping wine with my friends.

It became rapidly apparent that wedding photography and I were simply not meant to be.

With this ah-ha moment, I made the change to what I realized was my true passion point: portrait photography.

Was it easy? No. But was it worth it? 100% yes.

Watch this video to find out how to do what you love and drop what you hate. I’m going to show you how:

Isn’t that the whole reason you got into business in the first place? To do what you love? @alexbeadon

When you’re done watching this video, let me know what you thought in the comments section.

We only live once so it’s so important that we follow our passion and create a life we love.

Remember: life doesn’t just happen to us – we create it for ourselves + with that in mind, anything is possible.

We’re all given the same tools and potential. If you’re an accountant but dream of being a singer, remember that if Rihanna could do it, then in theory so can you.

Anyone you look up to started where you are today – never forget that.

The difference between the people you look up to and the failures are that the successes kept going and worked hard.

Anything is possible for you. Just do what you love and keep going at it.

I hope you have an inspired week and I’ll see you again soon.



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