Because online jealousy sucks.

Hey there,

This week was a total whirlwind. Unfortunately I had to say goodbye to my sister *tear* who flew back to England this week, and I tried to make myself feel better with beautiful brunches and tasty drinks with friends (Cucumber Gimlet is my official new favorite!).

Lately I’ve been realising how happy I feel about my life and where it has taken me, and I’ve been making nonstop attempts to cherish every moment, and soak up the goodness for all its worth. I’m loving every second.

Even though life is amazing, it’s so easy to get lost on Facebook and suddenly find the green, evil jealousy monster coming out to play. And it’s UGLY, right?

Have you ever looked at what other people in your business niche are doing and thought to yourself:

“Why are THEY kicking ass, and I’m busting mine to get nowhere?”

– do you know what I mean? I know I can’t be the only one haha!

So, how do you get over the jealousy? That’s exactly what I’m talking about in today’s Chatty Tuesday. I’m giving you my top tips to kick your jealousy monster in the butt and get back to the normal, much prettier, non-jealous version of yourself.

Click here to discover the truth behind those “perfect” people you stalk on social media, and how to zap your jealousy monster away:

BAM! I can hear your green, evil jealousy monster whimpering already.

I want to see you comment, but you need inspiration – so answer these questions:
* What’s your personal experience with the green, evil jealousy monster?
* Do you think it’s true that people project the best versions of themselves online?
* Has your dog ever projectile vommited before? 😉


I hope your Tuesday is filled with lots of lovin 😉

Big sisterly hugs,

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