Behind the scenes: How I built my brand.

Hey you,

Here’s your mission for the week: examine your brand.

Virgin. Oprah. Apple. Beyonce.

These four brands should spark something inside of you, because their brands are strong and alive.

Now think of the brand that you have created for your small business.

What feelings does it evoke? Does your business have a strong brand? Does it have a brand at all?

Today we are going to dive into the topic of branding. I’m going to give you the largely misunderstood definition of branding, followed by the steps I took to build such a strong brand for my own business and how you can do the same.

Get ready for a heavy dose of bad-ass branding advice to take your brand to the next level:

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Thanks for being awesome, and keep me updated on your quest to a better brand. I want to know what worries or questions you have concerning your brand! Take it to the comment section, baby.

Talk soon!
Big hugs

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