Three things you MUST do to attract more clients.

What’s happenin’, love?

I’ve been learning so much about life lately. This week it’s become so clear that, as human beings, we love to overcomplicate things.

Look at me — tell me you’ve never overanalyzed something. You can’t, can you? Do you remember the first time you fell in love? The crockpot of excitement mixed with a spritz of uncontrollable emotions?

“Does he like me?” followed closely by “Oh my gosh, is there something in my nose?” and then the dreamy aftertaste of “I wonder when I’ll see him again.”

In your mind, you’ve turned each little pebble of a detail into a mountain of importance.

Well, we do the same thing in our businesses. We overanalyze, we wonder if there’s something in our nose (that’s not just me, right?), and we scrutinize every. single. detail. We know we need to generate more money, we need to generate more business, and to do that we need more clients… we overanalyze everything until the problem becomes a lurking monster which literally seems unconquerable, even with the help of a village of pitchfork bearing men, women, and children. Not unlike Shrek, some might say.

Yes, as human beings we love to overcomplicate things unnecessarily . It’s just how we get down.

The truth of it, though, is that the answers are always far simpler than we originally anticipated.

As a business owner, you need to generate more money, you need to generate more business, you need more clients. Simple.

If you want more clients, I’ve lovingly put together this little video for you. It’s all about the three things you MUST do to attract more clients. Put away your pitchfork. I got you on this one.


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Ooh la la – did you love this video? I hope you love the new format, we are doing a lot of experimentation lately with the lovely Chatty Tuesday, and this is just the beginning. Let me know what you think in the comment section below!

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1 thought on “Three things you MUST do to attract more clients.”

  1. My favorite tip? #1! “Re-evaluate your offerings” going to try that 🙂 PS I know I don’t know you that well or anything, but I thought I would let you know that I got accepted to Liberty University’s School of Music!! I’m SO excited for this journey and everything that has brought me to it:) In all honesty I know I can attribute getting in to a lot of your Chatty Tuesdays. Thanks Alex!

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