Choosing goals catered to you, your life and your business.

If you’re anything like me you’re REALLY good at making lists, in fact it’s one  of your favourite hobbies. But let’s be honest here, you’re a go-getter. You want everything under the sun and more. Nothing is ever enough, and whenever you make goals for the New Year you could literally go on … and on … and on …. and on … leaving you with a huge lack in focus – not good.

Learning to choose the right goals catered to you, your life and your business is so important if you want to turn your passion into your life’s work. This year I decided to focus on five major goals. I had a really hard time choosing only five but I found a method that works, and today I’m going to share it with you.

Learn one of my favourite ways to pick goals that are right for you and your business and life in this video:

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3 thoughts on “Choosing goals catered to you, your life and your business.”

  1. I am proud to have grown so this year, I want to be inspired in each session, one goal is to focus my marketing on sessions that I am passionate or inspired in, and one area that I need advice is managing time/workflow. Your chatty Tuesday’s have been great and helped me improve. One of my fav tutorials was a Photoshop tutorial on adding makeup. I think I shared the difference in my now and then edit since watching. Thank you!!

  2. Hi I am just getting started doing photoshop and was wondering what is the best one to use. I have always been interested in photography and want to start it as a hobby. My husband just nought me the Nikon j1. Do you have any suggestions for me.

  3. Hey Alex, great vid! How about an update on your 2013 goals! Did you achieve all that you set out to do? Did your ‘feeling’ goals work well? x

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