Bring your ideas to life with this simple tip.

I really want to know why we tend to let the chase for perfection stop us from doing what we want in life.

That friend of yours who wants to visit India, but is waiting to save up the “right” amount of money: a never-ending feat.
That friend of yours who wants to start her own business, but feels like she’s not quite “ready”.
Or what about that friend of yours who wants to write a book, but hasn’t even started the first chapter?

My problem is not a lack of ideas. In fact, I’m always full of ideas. They hit me left, right and centre.
My problem is that I always have ten million reasons as to why now is not the right time to listen to my ideas and create a reality of them.

This week I was beating myself up because I had an amazing idea, but “couldn’t” pursue it due to the fact that it wasn’t the right timing.

At that moment I suddenly became aware enough to realise that the voice in my head that said I “couldn’t” pursue it because it wasn’t the right time was simply my voice of fear talking.

So I dropped everything and went to work.

“A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week.” – George S. Patton

(which i posted here yesterday)



I realised that life never goes to plan, and that’s actually what makes it so beautiful. Creativity comes from the mixture of what you can plan with the circumstances you can never plan.

For the past few months I’ve been sitting on plans and ideas, waiting for the precise “right moment” to create them, to make them a reality.

Today I say who cares about plans and perfection? I see the beauty in doing my best on executing these ideas today, instead of waiting for a “perfect tomorrow” that will never come.

1 thought on “Bring your ideas to life with this simple tip.”

  1. Alex,

    First and foremost let me just say to you,THANK YOU,THANK YOU,THANK YOU. You have mused me over the rainbow, back and beyond at least 501X by now. If not for finding you on YouTube, I very well would still be merely existing inside My Introverts Box. However, since finding you on YouTube I have been obscenely and virtually stalking you from the outside of those confines. Don’t be alarmed! I don’t mean in the creepy unpleasant sort of way a stalker could possibly be labeled as being;) I assume I’ve been stalking you in the manner that you’d hope one who finds you online would.

    You have been while continuing to be a God sent treasure trove of inspiration, knowledge, and encouragement. Not to mention, a muse and an educator to me personally. Literally, out of 100’s of websites, countless watched YouTube videos’ and a multitude of other informational content I have came across over the past several months, IT’S YOU, YES YOU, ALEX BEADON who has made all the difference to this human being, that is ME!

    Your words, the manner in which you presented them and simply by being yourself lead to the first time I was able to feel connected with the person on the other end of the informational tools I was seeking out to guide myself with. Once I stumbled upon you and clicked play, I felt someone finally got “it”, whatever “it”;) I’m still figuring that out as I’m consistently trying to do “it”. My point is, I’ve continued in my efforts of doing “it” because of your online presence and helpfulness!

    So, in the words of Gaga; The applause, applause, applause;) May I send them your way, Alex!

    That being said, I happen to come to this post by way of searching for info on blogging and before my 100th attempt at posting my 1st blog post, FINALLY! Although, I have wrote, (not kidding) no less than 75 1st blog post already, I still haven’t been able to click POST. Something is never all the way correct, perfect, or whatever other nonsense I keep using as an excuse to not just do it. But, hey, what do you know, once again your words just happen to read perfectly to my current need. It’s because of this that I decided to comment on your blog for the first time after first seeing your pretty little face over 6 months ago.

    I hadn’t planned on making myself known to you until I felt my site, and my overall online presence was exactly on point. (Whatever that is defined as in my crazy brain) I didn’t want to embarrass myself and come across as a complete amateur in my work. To be honest, I was hoping to impress you and when you did actually view my work, in my head needed you to REALLY love my work at first site. (Pun not intended but I kinda like it now) However, at the end of the day, I am no stranger to embarrassing life moments and my perfectionist nature will NEVER tell me anything I do is ready and/or good enough to be shown to you or anyone anyways. Yes, I know and I’m working on that;) In any case, I threw my cation to the wind, in all its crudeness said, F%^k it, and decided to write you anyways!

    Good, bad, or indifferent…this is me and who I am. If I follow the rules I have set for myself as I start writing and sharing with the world, everyone is going to eventually see it all anyways;) So, why not my muse to continue on be the first;) I hope that as I actually start sharing, building my content up, and reach a final design style for my virtual presents I can revisit this moment with you. I’d love a real opinion of your thoughts on my work. When I’m done and think it’s ready that is, of course;) It’s a work in the beginning stages of progress at the moment, and I’m still tripping over my vision. I have a WHOLE LOT left to do. So, please know that I know that, and will continue forging ahead thanks to you;)

    For now, perhaps if I may, make a request of you to please; say a quiet prayer for a stranger to continue to be consistent, to remain intent on following through and filled with the courage needed in reaching a goal she has been dreaming about since well, probably before you were…But, I digress and even though this comment/novel is anything but simple, I will end by simply saying this; Hello, it’s been my pleasure in having made your acquaintance, thank you for sharing all your knowledge/good spirits with me and for now I bid you adieu, until we one day meet again.

    Truly and Always,

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