Three lessons about being overbooked!

Hey you,

Do you ever feel so inspired and empowered and go through a week of pure productivity? Well I just did, and honestly? It feels like everything’s about to change. I love it. I have an awesome post hitting the blog this week and it’s all about the changes I made to increase my productivity and efficiency. It’s so amazing and I can’t wait to share my top tips with you!

Until then, today’s Chatty Tuesday video will teach you the THREE reasons why being overbooked can be an amazing thing. And if you’re not overbooked, these three tips will give you huge insight into small changes you can make in your own business to get more clients! This video right here? It’s a win-win and I know you will love it no matter who you are.

Bonus features in today’s video: 

One “OHMYGOSH” moment!
Two dance parties!
The cutest guest we’ve ever had on the show!
The truth about successful problems!


Find out the three illusions that make customers want you even more: 

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What are your thoughts on being overbooked? Take a minute to let me know in the comment section below! Woop woop!


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