Inspirational, Motivational Video – don’t miss it!

This video spoke to the very core of me. It describes beautifully what I believe so strongly. I love it and it inspires me. I hope it inspires you, too.

9 thoughts on “Inspirational, Motivational Video – don’t miss it!”

  1. Thank you Alex!

    This video was very inspiring, and it fit in perfectly with where I am in life! Thank you, thank you, thank you! A great reminder! 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for this great video. I need to go google if I can add layer mask in PSE. Thanks so much for your whole site really and all your amazing advice. Life changer..really 🙂

    1. Hi Laura!

      I am so happy that you enjoyed this video and I really hope that you can figure out how to get it all to work in Elements – where there’s a will there is a way ;). And thank you very much for your kind words in your comment 🙂 it makes it all worthwhile when people really learn something from the videos and posts, so thank you for letting me know!

      Have a gorgeous weekend!

  3. Thanks for sharing Alex. That’s exactly how I felt! I quit my career in finance, and dropped our half way through my MBA – to study photography instead. Family and friends thought I was mad, but I have never regretted it!!

    1. Hi Coralie,

      I’m so happy you enjoyed the video and that you could relate to it so strongly – I felt the same way about it 🙂 It’s very encouraging for those of us who believe so strongly in following our passions.

      Big hugs!

  4. Thanks for sharing this video, I too have had a complete career change from doing something that was ultimately dull and uninspiring to now doing that job I have always dreamed about. I love videos like this, they make your hair stand on end because the words that are spoken are so true. They always say that is you enjoy your job then you will never work a day of you life

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